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  1. James Rothwell

    211 Estates - self levelling suspension?

    I'm looking around at W211 particularly 320 CDI and just how basic some of them is surprising. Given that it was a pretty expensive car when new you'd think they'd be ordered quite highly spec'd but generally it's quite hard to find one with leather, PDC, COMAND and heated seats, let alone...
  2. James Rothwell

    W211 (facelift) E320 CDI or E280?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I'm pretty sure it would be an Avantgarde I would go for since at least looking on autotrader it's those models that generally come with COMAND, which I don't want for navigation but only because I understand it can play MP3, and they come with xenon lights which I...
  3. James Rothwell

    W211 (facelift) E320 CDI or E280?

    Just a quick one, haven't used this site for ages so please move the thread if it's in the wrong place. What sort of economy on long motorway/rural roads would you expect from a E320 CDI or a E280 petrol? Both facelift W211 models. Am I right in thinking the E320 always has the larger 80L fuel...
  4. James Rothwell

    W211 (facelift) E320 CDI or E280?

    Posted in error. Please delete/remove.
  5. James Rothwell

    Abandoned enzo part of dubai supercar sale

    It'll depend on who buys it, if an expat does then yes it'll probably make the news with the figures. If a local duys it then I very much doubt it will have any names or prices. I'd love to go and see what happens there but they won't let you in without a trade license.
  6. James Rothwell

    Which one would you recommend

    The W220 is a fantastic car, when it's all working.
  7. James Rothwell

    This Week’s Super Saver Discount!

    What car uses brake discs that cost £4.70...?
  8. James Rothwell

    SLS AMG. I'm in love.

    Well that's probably because that showroom is particulary cold, almost artic in fact, and the panels will by nature contract and the panel gap may look larger than..... Oh it's no good. I'm just trying to make excuses because I love it, simply on the grounds that it is outrageously cool.
  9. James Rothwell

    SLS AMG. I'm in love.

    The LHD ones look absolutely perfect to me. I took this photo the other day, two lovely cars!
  10. James Rothwell

    Any celebs on the forum?

    I'm pretty big in Japan.
  11. James Rothwell

    My trip to Barons classic car auction

    I've never seen anything go through Barons that I thought was really worth the money. Trade rarely buys there unless it's something that is known to them, I had a friend buy something utterly ridiculous low mileage Astra GTE once for an absolute fortune for some reason, took him literally years...
  12. James Rothwell

    New wheeler dealer is going to be on the G wagon

    Not to mention that if you took VAT into the equation he looses lots of money, I think it gives the wrong idea to lots of people and then they think they can be a trader and get it all horrible wrong. Yes, Ed China should just make his own show, that would be great.
  13. James Rothwell

    New wheeler dealer is going to be on the G wagon

    I love the G wagon but absolutely hate this program. He never actually makes any money yet he likes to make out he's a proper car dealer...A friend of mine used to work with him when he was in retail and said he was an idiot then. Having said that, I'll still probably watch this one because it...
  14. James Rothwell

    C63 ordered

    An estate C63? That is seriously cool! Well done.
  15. James Rothwell

    Has anyone owned an M5 and an E63 AMG?

    I think everything seems cheaper over here because it takes a shorter time to earn the money to buy the item, plus not paying loads of tax every month is rather nice touch. Nope, I haven't got my own license. Went to UAQ in December and stocked up and am only just starting to run out. My...
  16. James Rothwell

    Has anyone owned an M5 and an E63 AMG?

    Funny you should mention an S72 AMG, there was one for sale fairly recently. It looked a lovely car. Also recently there was a really clean W124 500E for sale. When did you leave Dubai?
  17. James Rothwell

    Has anyone owned an M5 and an E63 AMG?

    That doesn't look too bad, but I'm after a 4 door saloon. My friend used to have an Alpina B5 before he got his M6 and he did say it was a nice car but almost impossible to sell once he was bored with it.
  18. James Rothwell

    Has anyone owned an M5 and an E63 AMG?

    They are some pretty rare beasts!! My budget is around 150,000AED and up to 200,000AED at a push if it's newer or has lots less KM. Something like this - | E-Class: 2007 E63 AMG 507HP - PERFECT CONDITION, CHEAPEST IN MARKET. If it's still around in a week or so, once I've got...
  19. James Rothwell

    Has anyone owned an M5 and an E63 AMG?

    That's very true, there aren't many of either for sale and like you say finding a good example of one isn't an easy job. Funny you should mention Jebel Hafeet, I was there on Friday with some friends, had a nice ride up and down in some nice cars but none of my friends have an AMG of any...
  20. James Rothwell

    C220CDI V'S C350CDI Estate

    How much torque does that produce?
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