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    replacing alloys on w204

    cheers fella's
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    replacing alloys on w204

    hi, just an update, had a closer look and found this number on the back of them a2224010500. so it looks like these are s class wheels. any one get any ideas if they would fit the w204? cheers
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    replacing alloys on w204

    Cheer guys, Guess i may have got the wrong ones. nevermind.
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    replacing alloys on w204

    Hi, Yes I think so. The guy i got them from had them on this w204 and i've checked compatibility table on ebay showing similiar ones and they are supposed to be ok. lost.[/IMG]
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    replacing alloys on w204

    hi everyone, help needed please. Got myself some nearly new c63 style (not originals) 19" alloys to replace the standard 17's on my c class. Here are my problems: Firstly the original nuts a too short, so will need longer ones - any idea how i find how long they need to be? Then noticed...
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    NEED: C63 Wheels

    Hi I got some you maybe interested in. I'll take some pics in the next few days. Thanks
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    Mercedes Benz Star badge

    Mercedes Benz Star bonnet badge, Genuine badge used in excellent condition. Collection from SL3 any questions call 07721332843 £12
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    w203 roof bars

    Mercedes c class w203 original roof bars. Used condition but work perfectly. collection from sl3 please £70
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    Hi, Just got hold of a set of 18 inch wheels apparently from a A or B class. Wanted to know if they would fit onto a 2010 w204. Any ideas? Part nos a1694011602. Cheers
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    aftermarket parking sensor probs from Pro Park UK

    hi, Paid by debit card..
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    aftermarket parking sensor probs from Pro Park UK

    Hi everyone, My w204 didn't come with parktronic so i got steelemate front + rear sensors fitted by Pro Park UK. Next day noticed some issues: 1) the steering is making a squeaking/creaking noise when turning and feels a little stiffer. Almost as though the wiring loom for the front sensor...
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    Bonnet star

    hi, Just following up on this. Any luck with fitting the star? Same situation, wanted to replace the flat star with the upright star on my c class sport, but the flat star is much bigger. I was under the impression all the upright stars were the set size. cheers dee
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    roof bars and 3 pointed start bonnet emblem

    hi everyone, Selling original w203 saloon roof bars. Hardly used and in very good condition £75 - collection from SL3 also i have a 3 pointed star i brought to replace a bonnet badge, but it doesn't fit - £30 + £3 p+p or free if collected. photos to follow
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    ***update*** so after investigating all the fuses - all good .. and as dsm10000 suggested the battery.. i dis/reconnected the battery.. and 1 hr later.. just like a mircale shes back to normal.. except now the fillipin SRS light has turned on and wont go away... WTF!! by the way.. i...
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    hi all, just started the car after about a week it standing and damn the instrument cluster is dead. no speedo, no petrol guage, no nothing... however lights turn on and cant turn them off!! and indicators still work, but no audio.. c180 - w203 - 2003 help..??
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    timing/cam belt change or not???

    hi guys, Have a question.. and it could be a silly one.. so no laffing!!! Im just getting the timing/cam belts changed on my other runabouts VW + Corsa.. so gets me thinking does my W203 C180 '03 have a belt or chain? And does it need changing? Only done 49K... cheers d :crazy:
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    brake warning on dash..

    ***update*** booked into kwik fits for free check.. concluded i needed new front pads and discs = £450!!! when i hestitated they became pushy and almost demanded a i put down a deposit and get the work done later.. i walked away.. booked into local indie.. said only pads needed doing...
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    What was the first Mercedes that you drove?

    i had to join in.. 2001-2010 : 190e 2.0 1988 e reg - bought for £2500 with original 24k miles on her. she was a beauty and miss her dearly 2003 - 2008 : c180 classic 1996 p reg - nice cool run about 2008 - present : c180 classic komp 03 reg - brought with 8k on the clock and still...
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    Silver CLK63 or low mileage CLK55 W209

    hi, theres one on autotrader.. for 11k'ish sorry aint got a link. good luck
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    chips away

    hi, got a few minor scuffs and chips was thinking about using chips away mobile guys to get her tidyied up. Anyone had any experience with them? cheers
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