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    W124 500TE - Lets do this!

    Loving the work, a perfect 500e in my view! I saw you mentioned you are waiting for another run of lower wiring harnesses? I was getting funny oil pressure readings at high revs and after replacing the level sender, pressure sender, screen and pick-up I think it was my fettling of the lower...
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    W164 ML Tailgate query

    Hi all, I have a problem with the tailgate on my ML. The powered part no longer works and its due to something I did :wallbash: One of the lifting arm bolts broke so I drilled out the old bolt, fitted new ones and then put the arm back on. Now it no longer opens electrically. I had it...
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    W164 C-Tek charging

    Hi all, I've had a couple of instances where I am getting random warnings on the dash in my 2006 ML500. The first happened during lots of short runs where the seat heaters were on, rear screen etc and a week of short journeys. The second was in similar circumstances but slightly different...
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    R129/M119 Engine Wiring

    Will be very interested to see this as my 500e loom is an original from 1991 with 236,000km on it. Dave!
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    A stunning E500 W124.

    I still own it yes, it's having a bit of TLC at the minute and the underside at the front should all be refreshed by the end of the summer all going well. It's looking a bit sorry for itself at the minute :( I'm in Cambridgeshire, just on the border with Lincolnshire. Dave!
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    A stunning E500 W124.

    I have good condition rear calipers, newly refurbished front calipers with new seals and pistons, good quality fluid and relatively new discs with EBC Redstuff pads and the 500E stops really well and secure. You have to be doing silly things to get them to overheat. My W164 ML500 though is...
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    A stunning E500 W124.

    My understanding from the American forums was that all R129 alloys fit the 500e? Very tidy car there, certainly a well looked after example. Dave!
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    A lesson for queue-jumping drivers.

    Why is a driver selfish for using every available lane? The selfish ones are those creating needless traffic congestion by queueing far before the road turns into a single, double etc. This isn't a case of people screaming down the outside and pushing their nose in at the very last minute...
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    A lesson for queue-jumping drivers.

    We need to get away from this idea that people are pushing in, they aren't, people are preventing them from coming in. if everyone acts as they should, it's the people in the lane being merged into that cause the problem. Leave a gap, make it clear to those wanting to come in that you have...
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    2006 ML350 with LPG Conversion

    Are you saying the cars cabin heater is what is keeping the LPG system at a useable temp? Dave!
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    7G gearboxes

    Have you taken the car to them after one of these occurences and not turned the engine off? I had an issue with the MAF sensor, it came up faultless on each check and the service department told me that the very minor faults would be reset when the ignition is turned off. This definitely was...
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    MPG on ml63 5.5 bi turbo

    The mileage you get in these vehicles is so incredibly dependant on how its driven you can make a huge difference to the mileage you get. I also find myself cruising along merrily and not feeling the need to go that quick, I save it for the times when it's a real giggle to put your foot down...
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    Is my ml420 wheel spinning or slipping

    When I really give it some in my ML500 the front left wheel spins up a bit from time to time, even with the TC on. Dave!
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    W164 2006 ML500 idle stutter

    Hi all, Every so often when coming to a stop the idle starts to fluctuate, be rough etc. from what I understand this is most likely to be the MAF sensor. As soon as throttle is applied it clears up and runs perfectly. If it's starting to go then is it a straight swap or will it need to be...
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    W126 / M119 engine transplant

    The M119 isn't worth tuning unless you want to spend silly money. On my 500e the heads are nicely flowed as standard, the gains people have been getting from full tubular systems have barely been noticeable and a set of cams will set you back most of your rebuild budget with little gain. A...
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    Rear seat belts not releasing

    100% correct, the wife tried it and all is well, me just worrying over nothing. Dave!
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    How Many Cars Do You Own?

    A 110 Defender van 91 Mercedes 500e 2006 ML500 MK1 Escort project The 500e is my baby, weekend car. The ML is my wifes daily smoker and the Land Rover is my daily smoker, tip run, play thing. Dave!
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    ML420 - Impossible to Sell ?

    People buy an ML420 because they want one so actively look for one, it's not a car i'd class as an impulse purchase. Mine has a nice growl to it but is mainly nicely subdued. The extra torque is not felt, this car should have been released with the 5 speed gearbox so the torque can do the...
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    ML420 - Impossible to Sell ?

    I was looking for one of these but after much deliberation went for an ML500 instead. After looking around you can get a better ML500 for similar money and also, the running costs are barely noticeable, when you factor possible engine issues with a higher mileage diesel then the 500 wins...
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    Rear seat belts not releasing

    I'd noticed it in some Toyotas too when i've been away with work. Is there a way of disabling it or setting it at all, i'm not near the car for another 3 weeks sadly as i'm away with work. Dave!
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