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  1. kraftwerk

    r129 headlamp washer fault

    Did you ever find a solution to this? Same thing's happened to my 97 SL over the last few days.OS headlamp washer jammed on, only powering off rectified it, but now the wipoer is jammed 'open'. NS washer, wiper and windscreen washers and wiper all working normally. I always imagined the whole...
  2. kraftwerk

    R129 side plastics remove / replace

    Thanks for the tips, Grober. I guess I should arm myself with a load of replacement clips before I start.
  3. kraftwerk

    R129 side plastics remove / replace

    Procured some new (to me) side plastics for my 97 500. My wife has the car at work today, so haven't had a chance to look at how to remove the old ones yet. Any pointers to help with their removal without doing enormous damage to my car?
  4. kraftwerk

    London to Penzance

    Go during the night. Much less stressful. I'd leave London at 9pm.
  5. kraftwerk

    Most interesting Taxi you've ever seen?

    Saw this in Samedan, near St Moritz, earlier this month.
  6. kraftwerk

    K11 NGY - CL63 AMG driven by an idiot

    Maybe I got the number slightly wrong. It was messed with after the 'K' and the car was travelling pretty fast. Definitely K something NGY.
  7. kraftwerk

    New SLK testing video

    Autocar Videos -
  8. kraftwerk

    K11 NGY - CL63 AMG driven by an idiot

    On the M1 last Saturday, don't think I've ever seen a car driven more aggressively or with less thought for anyone else on the road. Tailgating to within a few inches of the car in front, undertaking at every opportunity and not really getting anywhere in the process. Well done, 'KUNGY' -...
  9. kraftwerk

    R129 electric aerial issue

    Thanks for the info, all.
  10. kraftwerk

    Shopping for R129 - advice please....

    The only time I've calculated the MPG for my car (97 500, 90k-ish miles at the time) was after a 1300-mile trip around the UK at Christmas last year. Mix of motorway, town, A- and B-road driving produced 24mpg. The car lives most of its life in the city, however, and consumption is doubled, at a...
  11. kraftwerk

    R129 electric aerial issue

    Stuck halfway, won't park or extend fully. Still getting reception, though. Tried a bit of WD40 but no dice. I can hear it trying to work and it kind of wobbles, but still it stays. Very annoying. Any ideas?
  12. kraftwerk

    Suck my fluid

    What tool(s) do I need to suck power steering fluid from the system of my 129 500?
  13. kraftwerk

    Leonard Cohen at MBworld!!!!

    Only those who've never actually listened to Laughing Len dismiss him as 'un-cheerful.' His songs are laced with fantastic black humour. I saw him play in Brighton in December and it was one of the best gigs I've ever seen. Pure class.
  14. kraftwerk

    R129 front bumper question

    It looks like a 129 bumper to me.
  15. kraftwerk

    Kwik-fit air-con service

    I had my SL done on Saturday. £1 per minute well spent.
  16. kraftwerk


    It's beautiful, but I was there on a Sunday, to see Kraftwerk at the steelworks, and the city was pretty-much closed. Off to see them at the VW Autostadt in Wolfsburg this Saturday - two shows, 8pm and midnight.
  17. kraftwerk

    R129 front bumper question

    1995 320 bumper - is it the same as that on a 1997 500? If not, how different is it and will it fit?
  18. kraftwerk

    SL or SLK ???

    It always irks me when the MX-5 is described a 'hairdressers' car'. It's not difficult to understand that it's one of the best-handling cars of all-time, and a superb enthusiasts' car is it?
  19. kraftwerk

    SL or SLK ???

    I found a panoramic roof for mine on eBay in February. Got it for a song, too. The vendor's SL600, same colour as mine, had been in the dealership for work to the adaptive damping (what else?) While in, there was a fire in the workshop which destroyed his car and a few others. He got a...
  20. kraftwerk

    SL or SLK ???

    R129 SL500 - no question.
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