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    Titz - Germany!

    There's also a "Trosa" in Sweden, a small town and it means.... "ladies underware".
  2. NewMB

    Titz - Germany!

    Were out driving yesterday and came across this little town (not far from Cologne). As bad it sounds, it's actually real!
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    Who "Owned" That Country ?

  4. NewMB

    Jaguar XJ and XF build quality

    The 3.0D XF S I had as a rental in Germany last year left a big ? over the quality of Jag's. It was very new and only had a couple of K's mls on the clock. Nice and comfortable car and very fast indeed but the buttons in the car screamed - Cheap! Engine also went into limp mode several times...
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    Summer Trip To Poland

  6. NewMB

    Summer Trip To Poland

    Here in Cologne a litre of diesel will set you back about €1.44 (£1.25). Super Diesel costs another €0.10/litre and petrol is more expensive. Aral Ultimate 102 (I think that's the name for it) costs €1.67 :eek: Have a nice trip to Poland. As others have said, enjoy the beer!!
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    W126 - Advice please on 560SEC

    Fantastic. Thank You very much!! Thanks and sure will. Thank You very much for the link. Did not find this site when I did the usual google search.
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    W126 - Advice please on 560SEC

    Some members on here might remember that I was very active on here while driving MB's (C320 Cdi & E55). Having then returned to Volvo and to "another" german make starting with a B :eek: I now feel this urge to come back to MB :) But this time, I am going to go for something a bit different...
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    C350 CDI fuel consumption

    In the 2006 C350 Cdi Estate I had I managed about 35-37mpg on avg. 42-43mpg on a long run and in town about 27-29mpg. After buying the Brabus D6 box, I gained a little, but mainly on the long run. In town, no difference. 2003 E55 AMG (saloon) - best ever was 28.1mpg. My 2007 330d (tuned to...
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    How many cars have you driven?

    I keep a list :doh: many models have been various MY. In excess of 200.... Alfa Romeo 159 2.4 JTM TI 164 3.0 Super V6 Audi 100 1.8 E Coupé 2.3 A4 1.8 A4 2.0 SE CVT-6 A6 2.5 Tdi CVT-6 BMW 118D 320 318i...
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    Interesting sales technique

    Unbelievable :doh: :eek:
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    Mods and insurance

    They DO expect it..... When asked about options, I had to state every single one of them, even no cost options! They did try to charge an additional £80 for rear factory tinted windows. A complaint letter later and I was refunded. The following year, no charge for factory tinted windows (was...
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    ML63 or ML420 - Whats the opinion ?

    We used to run a couple of the 420's and about 6 320's in our company. The 420 was great! Loved every moment when driving them. Nothing wrong with the 320 but would feel a bit slow on the german autobahn when trying to keep up with traffic. The only problem we had was the fact that all the...
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    goodbye mb

    Nope. See bpsorrel's post/link.
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    goodbye mb

    To clarify some of the Volvo talk.... Personally I am a big fan of Volvo but as some may know, have had some MB's and despite now driving both Volvo and a Bmw 3 (sorry!) I very much miss the MB's...there is something special about an MB. :) Volvo shares engines with Ford and Peugeot. The...
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    Police car de-badging

    Colchester has the usual Volvo V70's (marked) and unmarked S60's. They also have some Bmw 3's (unmarked).
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    New 350 Cdi engines - Performance/Spec figures

    Info taken from MB Germany where the new 350 Cdi engine are for sale. Saloon E350 Cdi - 265bhp Beschleunigung 0-100 km/h: 6,2 s...
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    About to order E350 Coupe 2012 Model

    Info taken from MB Germany where the new 350 Cdi engine are for sale. Saloon E350 Cdi - 265bhp Beschleunigung 0-100 km/h: 6,2 s...
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    Last Years Cost

    ...or wifes, daughters, nieces etc :rolleyes:
  20. NewMB

    Last Years Cost

    Of course you are right. One should still include it I think, just like you say. Either way, shares or cars can be a very expensive thing to own!
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