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  1. Redline

    HOW TO: Removing Headlights W202

    Argh! You have to remove the whole thing to do it as it's screwed on in three places!
  2. Redline

    HOW TO: Removing Headlights W202

    I'm about to change the glass on both my headlights, and I was wondering if these bolt on or are glued in any way? If anyone could take a picture or two of the process that would be great as I'm working outside in the dark! :) Crazyjester900: Would the colour on your 202 happen to be...
  3. Redline

    Winter weather driving.

    This tip is probably for those of us with older cars without all those fancy electronic TLA-thingys, but ballast is an absolute must! I've got two old washer fluid cans (5L) packed full of lead inside the spare wheel. Really helps with traction on slippery roads!
  4. Redline

    Frozen S

    Silicone spray all the way! And of course a cover for the windscreen so you don't have to melt or scrape it.
  5. Redline

    w124 mot fail emissions

    Dunno if you have petrol stations with E85 over there, but if you do, running about 50/50 with regular unleaded works pretty good as well. So if you fill it up with E85 and injector cleaner and then go for a good warm up drive I think it'll go straight through! ;)
  6. Redline

    Redlines' 1993 W202 C180

    Here are some pictures I took this summer. Note that I now have new plates (EU-type, but without flag/country identifier) and that it is much lower. :p Currently I'm running 15" original Merc alloys as winter wheels, while the summer wheels fitted here are AEZ Xylo with Champiro 328GT tyres...
  7. Redline

    So I finally got round to checking my 1st Aid Kit..

    Got my amplifier in the rear shelf. Instead of the kit I have the army first aid handbook in the glove compartment. :D
  8. Redline

    Just discovered "winter tyres" ? Do any of you swap tyres each year ?

    It was a Polish car, and they don't seem to have winter tyres either!
  9. Redline

    V8 Coffee table.... Rover but stil looks cool

    Thinking about doing a table half that size when my C180 gives up!
  10. Redline

    Just discovered "winter tyres" ? Do any of you swap tyres each year ?

    Came up to a cue today with a W211 taxi behind me. Both he and I managed to stop, while the Opel behind him again plowed straight into the taxi (no damage to my car!)... Summer tyres anyone? :p
  11. Redline

    Rear boot badge vandalized

    It's a Schätz tuning one, and it's supposed to be for the W202.
  12. Redline

    Driving tricks.

    When I bought my car in Oslo, I had to drive it all the way to Trondheim non-stop with no stereo, and my phone ran out of batteries after a while of playing music. :eek: So, what to do then? Start singing yourself! :p
  13. Redline

    ABS light is on

    It should say where it was produced on one of the sides. E.g. "SIEMENS, AUSTRIA". Have you checked it out yet? Should look a little something like this (some have two fuses as well):
  14. Redline

    W140 Boot badge!

    They did exactly the same thing to mine! Got some answers in my thread here.
  15. Redline

    Rear boot badge vandalized

    I'm unsure how it will look on my car, but I have a spare original star if I want to swap back. Guess I'm going to miss aiming at those pesky pedestrians through the "gunsight". :p
  16. Redline

    Rear boot badge vandalized

    Sorry to hear that Hertz. I have ordered the one below, hoping that they won't bother stealing a flat one!
  17. Redline

    Just discovered "winter tyres" ? Do any of you swap tyres each year ?

    I thought everyone switched to winter tyres, at least we do that here! Running stock 15" Merc rims with 185/65/15 Continental studless winter tyres. Because I'm living smack in the middle of Trondheim there's an extra fee (to the authorities) if I want to fit studded tyres, apparently because of...
  18. Redline

    Christmas is coming...

    Yup! My niece (10) loved the little thing, and it actually takes a lot of punishment (crashing into tables, roof, TV etc.). :)
  19. Redline

    How many of you have upgraded your ICE?

    Hmm, hadn't thought of that. Never used any optical connections in a car myself. Guess the best way to check is to pull the unit out and have a look, or if anyone on here knows? :confused:
  20. Redline

    Christmas is coming...

    You can't go wrong with those miniature RC helicopters (if they don't have one already)! Just remember the batteries...
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