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  1. CRS

    Anyone seen '' on TV?

    Thanks for valuing your car. Your valuation is £5,845* and would be delighted to buy your car straight away This is for my Mazda MX-5 that I brought for £10,000 in June, so it's lost over £4,000 in 6 months. And that was with saying everything is in good condition.
  2. CRS

    Is there anything unusual about these pictures. Take a second look!

    I was going to say in each picture everyone seems to have the same shoes on :p
  3. CRS

    Bangernomics - £1k Merc (or less) Discuss

    I'm considering doing something similar. I've recently replaced my C180 with a MX5 :ban: (typical since there's a meet in Wolverhampton which I’ve just noticed and would have been convenient :p) but it would be nice to have something to use on wet winter days that still has good levels of...
  4. CRS

    Flaming Cows!

    Fantastic lol That's one of the best vids i've seen on youtube.
  5. CRS

    Achieved my personal best mpg today

    This is the best one i've got a picture of. I've managed over 40 a couple of times though. I need to buy a diesel :p
  6. CRS

    New C class - what do you get from the dealer?

    Well I consider anyone who managed to get a car lucky. I can't get anything from my local dealerships. I was looking to get a new W212 E class but after 2 visits to the dealership and two different salesman neither has got back to me over a test drive or anything. Not that it's a Mercedes only...
  7. CRS

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    MED1C on a W204 C class saloon in Wolverhampton.
  8. CRS

    My mind has gone blank... is this a V6

    It's a 2.5 V6, the C230 pre facelift was the 1.8 kompressor I think then they kept the same badge but made it into the 2.5 V6.
  9. CRS

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    MX5 4 CAR Shockingly on an MX5.
  10. CRS

    Explorer 8 vs Firefox

    You can turn it off if you go to: Control Pannel > Sound > Sounds Tab > Scroll down the list to "Windows Explorer" > Click "Start Navigation" then change the sound field just above the "OK" button at the bottom to none. Maybe there's a simpler way but that's how I did it.
  11. CRS

    I think I want a CLK430.... help!

    Check the car for rust everywhere, especially around the wheel arches, bootlid and door sills.
  12. CRS

    What the hell is this! Nasty!

    I seriously thought that was one of those spy shots of a new car at first because of the colouring and the blacked out rear lights and stupid exhausts. It looks unbelievably bad if you ask me. :doh:
  13. CRS

    2010 E-class

    Looks like they ripped off a Lexus GS to me
  14. CRS

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Yesterday saw N3 on a Range Rover Sport on the M1 near London and EV08TEN on an evo ten on the M6
  15. CRS

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    WAA 3 on an old car in Birmingham, couldn't make out what type it was.
  16. CRS

    Koenig Specials

    I'm not a fan of the W210, C140 or the W202, i'm undecided on the R129 but I really like the W126, I think it looks much nicer with the body kit on, not to mention the engine upgrades as well. Although out of all the brands i think i'd go for the Ferrari F50 as my favourite.
  17. CRS

    Great Photos

    Nice photo's and car, I always prefered jags that had the badge on the bonnet like that.
  18. CRS

    Tonights TOP GEAR

    I'd take the car but that's mainly because i'm pretty sure going on the boat would have made me sea sick.
  19. CRS

    One of those classic threads!!!

    lol that's awesome, still at least the guy is taking it in good humour. I can't believe how many people have seen the thread. Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 152 (1 members and 151 guests)
  20. CRS

    CL Widebody kit by VITT (Jay's project for 2028)

    Very nice, it makes the car look much sportier and agressive which is how I like it. I might try and get one for myself in 10 years or so :p
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