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    I hate my MB because......

    Think I hate it as I have to get rid so I can get a clk 320 cab.
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    W203 C180k MAF Errors - Be aware

    thanks for the info Dave
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    help w208 or w209

    Thanks for the help
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    help w208 or w209

    Hi just after a bit of help looking for a clk cab what would be the best to get, a late 208 good spec: or a 2003ish 209 think I can just push the buget to about £ the 230k and 320s have to run on supper unleded? Any help would be great. Thanks Dave:) Is rust a big problem on 208s what...
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    Fuel Comsumption/Efficiency - W203 -C180

    Hi Fixfox I have a c180k coupe and got 40 MPG Shell V Power on a trip to Heathrow 138 miles had 4 adults and 3 cases in the car. But only got 38 MPG on the way back (went to some towns). You will never get the same figures as you cannot recreate the same conditions used to perform comsumption...
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    Wanted - cheap dateless/cherished plate

    I have V11 plus my initials. born in 1952 (V.11) 5&2 or 7 looks ok on my c class.Got it when I was 52 been on my last 3 cars now.
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    How much to fix this 2006 CLK?

    I think (D) stands for Do not touch with a very long stick.
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    Service Manual

    Haynes say manual should be out this month C Class Sept:00 to May 07 book No 4780. one to keep a look out for as it will show the service step by step in laymans terms.
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    Imagine One Trillion pounds

    Think I need a larger back pocket LOL
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    What is the world coming to? (Hospital hand gels 'being drunk' )

    don't know how as put some on my hands once then put my finger in my mouth never again.
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    service time :(

    I would use an MB Filter for the engine,get oil from Costco Mobil 1 is about £23 for 4lts.Don't forget to change the oil filter in the Gearbox + new gasket the cost of the filter & gasket for the gearbox for my C180k on the 21/01/09(this was from MB)was. £6.60+vat Filter £6.65+vat gasket Got the...
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    Biker jailed for son's 122mph ride!!

    At the A&E they are called organ doners (that says it all).as an ex biker think he was mad don't like the wet.60 year old biker killed this weekend in Derbyshire lots of this round Matlock each year in the spring & summer.
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    New laptop decision

    on my 2nd Dell now have an XPS M1530 got it from the Dell outlet for £500 this was a great price just go and have a look.
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    MOT Costs?

    Nov:2007 £29 at Mertrux Derby Nov:2008 gone up to £30 pass both times best thing is to shop around.
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    Start, start ....please start

    read this by (striker600)battery keeps going flat . This may not be what you want to hear but lots of info. Just go to search and type in battery.
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    Cellulose or 2k?

    2k can kill you if not done right so I say cellulose.
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    Wendy Richard RIP

    R.I.P. Wendy
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    Engine Oil - c180k

    0W-30 & 05W-30 will be ok from -25c to +30c look on the tin for MB 229.1 or 229.3 specification.(this is from my service book)229.5 is the latest spec: I use Mobil 1( 0W-40) £23 from costco for 4.5 lts get 2 then you have to only get 1 next + you can topup if reqd: hope this will help. Had my...
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    Engine Oil - c180k

    5.5 lts I think will have a look. Just had a look in my hand book 5.5 c180k/c200k this is for a sport coupe but the same engine. drain out and put the same amount back in.
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    Removing objects in comand slot

    may be worth a trip MB with such a new car COMAND would be very expensive to replace .
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