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  1. Ratz

    Have you ever met anyone famous?

    James Hunt, Emerson Fittipaldi, Clay Regazzoni, Niki Lauda, Niall McKenzie, Stirling Moss.... See a pattern here Only trouble is that for the first 4 I was only about 6 so don’t really remember.
  2. Ratz

    Eccelestone Lost the Plot?

    Very good point, BBC 'reaches' probably more than triple that - doesn't mean people watch everything on it.
  3. Ratz

    Want to adopt a cat

    We got our two from a shelter and they're both fantastic. One of the things we found useful was that they gave a pretty detailed assessment of the cat's personality too - it's in their interest to have the car re-homed for good.
  4. Ratz

    Android phones pairing/connecting with MB Bluetooth

    Up until now I've always used an iPhone, which happily connects to the cars bluetooth (I have one of the last W211's with Audio 20 bluetooth) and shares contacts. A couple of days ago (having decided Apple have had enough of my hard earned) I've bought myself a Motorola Razr running Android...
  5. Ratz

    Servicing Plan

    Don't know about the ATF element, you don't get a receipt of what's been carried out on the plan for some reason. I went for the two services in two years for ~£30 a month. Just had the second of those two services today as it happens, and before they'd confirmed I was on the plan they'd...
  6. Ratz

    Home insulation/heating information

    If you are with British Gas for gas or electric or on their Homeserve scheme, they'll install loft insulation & cavity wall for free (we had the survey today). The BG guy who came reckoned that the offer wasn't about to disappear anytime soon.
  7. Ratz

    How Many W211/S211 Owners Do We Have?

    1: Sweetpea - w211 e320 cdi sport. 2: Troon - s211 e220 cdi avantgarde (06, 78k) 3: *** - w211 e320cdi sport 4: Harrythedog - s211 e320cdi elegance 5: riggers - s211 e320 cdi avantgarde 6: Mobeyone - s211 e280 avantgarde 7: Hog - s211 e280cdi sport 8: Savman - s211 e55k amg 9: Druk -...
  8. Ratz

    2012 British GP - Silverstone

    Something I did a couple of years ago with my dad was pay to go into corporate hospitality, but just on the Friday practice day. It's about £195 each, but you get v.nice food, a grandstand pretty much to your self (we were sited just before Becketts). As has been said before, you can't get a...
  9. Ratz

    Buying a W211 - what to look for?

    Hi I have owned an E270 (2002) and now have an E220 (2009), both auto/Avantgarde. The E270 was a bit of a nightmare (compared to what I'm used to at least), after spending £1500 putting various brake & suspension issues right, the dreaded valeo radiator fault hit at 47k miles. The prospective...
  10. Ratz

    Gary Mason RIP

    It always seems strange when someone like this survives years of a dangerous occupation/sport and then lose their life in such a way. Not a great advert for cycling.
  11. Ratz

    Mondeo Econetic titanium x powershift

    Not the same car you are looking at but we owned an early MkIV ('57 plate) Mondeo 2.0d Tit X manual. Very nice car, comfortable, excellent handling, quiet. Friend had the petrol version but reckoned it was a bit gutless. We weren't too impressed with the quality though, steering controls...
  12. Ratz

    Mini Ice Age on the Way?

    I can certainly vouch for most of this having worked in University research for 14 years (I left 2 years ago). I spoke to one of our Profs who had just become part of the funding approval committee for one of the major scientific funding bodies in the UK. He said that he'd always thought the...
  13. Ratz

    New website - opinions please

    Much cleaner and easier on the eye. Looks more professional and less techie.
  14. Ratz

    Thinking of ordering a new VW - be warned!

    My boss ordered a new Passatt CC 18 weeks ago but is still waiting to take delivery. You might not think this is such a big deal, but it's not a build or shipping issue - the car has been in the UK for 3 weeks but due to VW installing a 'new computer system' they don't know where it is, or...
  15. Ratz

    mac osx help

    Securing Mac OS X Have a look about a third of the way down the page. Hopefully this covers what you need, not tried it so can't vouch for I'm afraid.
  16. Ratz

    I have to share this

    Worth going along to get a price to change at least you get a baseline. In a straight cash sale I knocked a 2009 W211 down from £20,900 on the sticker to £19,500. Plus for your car the price is what they'll get at auction and at the moment traders are struggling to shift larger used cars.
  17. Ratz

    Is there a perfect vehicle for all ?

    We have a new Golf 1.6 TDI DSG SE. Surprisingly spritely performance (largely down to excellent 7-speed gearbox), 60+mpg average so far, carry 4+smaller one, chuckable, refinement comparable to my 09 E-Class. Spec pretty good too apart from lack of bluetooth as standard :confused: Seriously...
  18. Ratz

    Classic car night.

    Is that a bullnose Saab two-stroke I can see in the background. Love these cars, my dad used to be the national gearbox expert for stroker Saabs :D
  19. Ratz

    Pre or Post facelift W211?

    I've owned both and the post-facelift is definitely the better car and according to the local dealer much the more reliable (this was when I still owned the older car). Approved used gives you a comprehensive MB warranty. I found out to my cost that 3rd party warranties leave you very short...
  20. Ratz

    low-er cost servicing in Manchester Area

    +1 Vote for SPR Autos in Stockport.
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