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    1982 300 SD 1500 original miles

    And do you keep those fugly US headlamps on or make it unoriginal but way better looking with the right headlamps? As lovely as it is, those headlamps are like braces on a model's teeth. And after a few days admiring it, they'd be all I could see (and hate).
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    190 evo 2

    Well, I'm trying to say (and failing!) that surely the Evo II looks like it should have a lot more than 235bhp! :D
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    190 evo 2

    I love them, and thought about buying one when I was shopping for my old 190E 16V. I remember that I thought they were too expensive at £30000! (If only I'd had a crystal ball, etc). Got to say that with relatively little power output and that bodykit, they'd be a bit of a sheep in wolf's...
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    Wonderful 560SEC 6.0 AMG

    That's funny.
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    mercedes 230 ce fully restored by mr w123

    I like it, but the asking price is proof (if any were needed) that we really are in an asset-price bubble. Top dollar is being asked for a lot of not-quite-creme-de-la-creme stuff. Makes me rather nervous.
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    Wonderful 560SEC 6.0 AMG

    See here: AMG 6.0 / 32V DOHC Breit Virion M117/9 For Sale (1990) on Car And Classic UK [C585291] - the car definitely has attitude. I'm guessing that this is a "If you have to ask 'how much', you can't afford it" moment :(
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    Another W124 Super Turbo (Saloon)

    You haven't thought this through; all it will record is that stupid cloud of black smoke. When (if?) they make it less anti-social, I'll have a bit more respect for the conversion.
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    AMG Widebody 190

    Time for another bump! When I was a 190 owner hanging out here, this was one of my must-follow threads and I was hoping there'd be something close to completion by now!
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    Mercedes to Honda

    The Prelude was a great car according to many pundits; LJKS himself approved very much, especially of its 4WS. The 4th gen especially has its diehard fans. A couple of months ago, I parked the NSX in a motorway service station all on its lonesome, as far away from other cars as I could. Came...
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    Mercedes to Honda

    I was surprised how different the NSX feels to the Stratos. They both have 3.0 24V V6 engines, not dissimilar power to weight ratios, and both are set up to be very quick on the road/track (in the hands of a good driver, at least). But where the NSX is compliant and comfortable, the Stratos is...
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    Mercedes to Honda

    Well, it wasn't through any shortcoming of the NSX, but after about 30 years of sheer want, I could not resist: Replica, of course. I've driven nothing else that has such immediate responses: steering, throttle, brakes. It's only about 950kg and has 240bhp from the Alfa V6. No driver aids...
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    W201 Mercedes 190 Haynes manual - free!

    This is the earlier version of the Haynes manual with a green cover (the later one has a red cover). Which means it's: * petrol only * 190/190E only * 2.0l only * 1983-1987 only From memory, I think this one is the better of the two - IF you have a 2.0 petrol because there's more detail...
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    New Honda NSX

    Short answer: I spoke to Honda about price and ... they don't know. But the sales guys say it will be about the same as an R8. (Which R8...?) But... Long answer: it's being made in the USA and so it will be priced to be competitive over there and that means there's a LOT of scope for currency...
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    Mercedes to Honda

    Funny that you mention torque. :) I had the supercharged MR2 before this, and the SC gave that not much more HP, but quite a bit more torque than the NA 1.6 engine. But I found that more torque changes the way you drive it. No need to change down - it really is like having a bigger engine...
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    Mercedes to Honda

    Have always been - and always will be - a fan of Sacco-era Mercedes, but after a whole succession of W201s and W124s, I've now defected to a car that I've lusted after for a long time. Got there by way of X1/9 and supercharged MR2 Mk1... this old thing: For some weird reason, I bought two...
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    Various W124 books - for FREE!

    Didn't take long. All gone.
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    Various W124 books - for FREE!

    Had a clear-out and found some books from whan I had a W124. Can't be bothered with Ebaying, so these are all free - just cover the cost of postage: Only one condition: you own the relevant car. :) 1) Owner's Manual for W124 200E/220E/280E/320E/400E/500E/220CE/320CE/300E 4Matic. OK condition...
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    W111 - M100, 'pin' 'eck!!

    Are you sure? He'd only hack 'em up: the legs of Fatima Whitbread sewn onto the body of Cheryl Cole.
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    Dogging (What to do about it)

    Are you daft? Did you read the OP's post? How are these nails supposed to differentiate between the cars of nuisance doggers and the other harmless people who visit the nature reserve? :doh:
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