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  1. tudu

    Goodbye CLK55 hello Audi A5

    How strange is that i also said goodbye to my C55 and am currently running an Audi A4 Avant - not as nice as yours though Pete - Best wishes.
  2. tudu

    Goodbye C55

    Couldn't be more pleased that the beast has gone to a good home and will be cared for. Glad you like it. The brake and suspension upgrade is something that AMG should have done in the beginning it just sets a new standard for an already good car. Hope to hear of your future track days. Regards...
  3. tudu

    Goodbye C55

    On his way back home as we speak.
  4. tudu

    Goodbye C55

    C55 gone to a great guy, will be sadly missed but still will be having fun with the Kleemann. Just want to say big thanks to Ollie at PCS and Richard and Alfie from Command - sure Charles will have some future work for you.
  5. tudu

    PCS GTG on the 14th of May 2011

    Sorry folks can't make this one have a photo shoot to do this weekend. Have a good one and look forward to seeing the pics.
  6. tudu

    What tyre brand & sizes for my C55 AMG?

    Hi, 255/35s is about your limit you could go with 265 but it will rub or unless you are willing to have your rear arches rolled. I have 255/35s Rosso's (great tyre)and they really grip. Hope that helps
  7. tudu

    I want :D

    I looked at fitting the CLK 63 AMG Bumper, which fits perfectly through local dealer but it worked out far too expensive even for me, although it has been done by a few guys over the water on MB World.
  8. tudu

    W211 E55 AMG and W203 C55 AMG

    Well after seeing two C55 AMG's in Plymouth recently, one I think is member here (was black with tinted windows and incredibly clean!) Nice to know you recognised my car, and it was clean. Not sure who the other chap is driving a C55 not seen it, but there is a silver CLK 55 seen often round...
  9. tudu

    Any one Here Do Any HDR Images

    Here's one of an old Army Ambulace taken at recent British Legion concert. Used single image in photomatik hence the noise, took about 30 seconds to tonemap.
  10. tudu

    How to mod a Mercedes -the good and bad bits!

    Thanks. Daughter uses the C200K (Kleemann) Heaven forbid i should let her loose in my C55.
  11. tudu

    How to mod a Mercedes -the good and bad bits!

    In one word - NO. Defo noticed my fuel bill go up. Plus although i would say overall Kleemann products are very good - they do make very exagerated claims. With all the Kleemann kit i fitted to my C200K i should easily have exceeded 250BHP.
  12. tudu

    How to mod a Mercedes -the good and bad bits!

    No took out the KBox and sold the induction kit was getting toooo expensive trying to get the magic 225 BHP - hence, got the C55 which really does meet my needs.
  13. tudu

    How to mod a Mercedes -the good and bad bits!

    Forgot 1 pic and one more mod - Black rear diffuser.........
  14. tudu

    How to mod a Mercedes -the good and bad bits!

    Here's my Kleeman (Originally C200K Sport) Front carbon spoiler Rear Carbon spoiler Carbon mirror covers Carbon Door Sills Carbon Roof Spoiler De-chromed and replaced with carbon vinyl Smoked rear lights Depo Black front headlights Black foglights Comand APS Kleemann TS 8 Alloy wheels...
  15. tudu

    How to mod a Mercedes -the good and bad bits!

    I will sort out the pics for both the Kleemann 'stealth' and C55 (think all the mods for C55 are posted in members gallery). Stand by.....................
  16. tudu

    How to mod a Mercedes -the good and bad bits!

    Great write up. Once bitten the modding bug can cost and keep on costing. What you have achieved is cost effectiveness in a clean car moulded around your likes. Well done.
  17. tudu

    Steering buttons...

    Recall buying the steering wheel, airbag and paddles from Richard (Comand UK) all fitting and update diagnostics came to about six hundred pounds.
  18. tudu

    My C55 AMG

    C55 AMG Black Diamond
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