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    Brabus Kits.

    No I didn't. Car is now gone. Reason for not going ahead was (a) expensive and (b) was worried it took the torque above the continuous rating for the gearbox.This might not be true but I couldn't get to the bottom of it.
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    V8 CDi & ML63 Running Costs/MPG etc

    I had a D3 and replaced it with a GL 420CDI ( now gone). Driving around locally I got about 22 to 23mpg out of both of them. On a gentle motorway journey at about 70 to 80 the GL would deliver 27 to 28mpg. Can’t really remember what the D3 did. I don’t do many gentle motorway trips...
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    Bootliners - Boot Buddy, anyone used them?

    Have you looked at the MB accessories catalogue? Fairly sure they will offer boot liners.
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    What Car and Warranty Direct reliability survey..

    I hate these surveys, or maybe it's the way they are reported. What does breakdown mean? Is it something, no matter how minor, going wrong, or is it something that leaves you immobile by the side of the road? As others have said more sophisticated cars have more to go wrong so more...
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    Agility final payment

    I'm no expert on this but I think you should have been given some information about the standards expected when you hand the car back. If these standards aren't met you will be charged for rectification work. It could well be cheaper to get any repairs done yourself rather than paying MB...
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    Agility final payment

    If you hand the car back the finance organisation will then sell the car, in all probability for less than you would be willing to pay. I seems strange, but they do appear to decide to do this rather than take a better offer from you. I suppose you have to decide what the car is worth to...
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    ML420 CDI - What is it worth and do I want one

    My experience of the 320 / 420 is in a GL. IMO there is no comparison between the two engines.The 420 is much faster, but it's not just about absolute speed it's the manner and ease with which the 420 delivers. Silky smooth torque available from just above tickover makes for effortless...
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    Discount on top of MBUK offer

    Broadspeed ( car brokers) say about £4k off a C class. Would need to check how that interacts with a good APR. Dealers vary on price. Play a few off against each other.
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    80mph speed limits, Pah

    Until quite recently I used to drive at what seemed like a natural pace. That meant a speed at which I would naturally concentrate and not get bored. Two things have changed which now mean I drive more slowly: the increased risk of a speeding ticket from cameras the reduction of many speed...
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    Buying a car privately

    Sold my car privately a few weeks ago. Went withe buyer to his bank and watched him do a CHAPs transfer. Bank employee told that once the transaction was complete, which meant she ( or the system) had checked funds availability and the transaction had been initiated that it was irrevocable. Had...
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    Advice wanted from W251 R Class / X164 GL owners

    It's an F11. Seems very small after the GL.
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    Advice wanted from W251 R Class / X164 GL owners

    Specs might change according to model year but I'm pretty sure the 'off road' pack is standard. Mine was a 2007 and it was standard then. Markets vary things standard in UK are options in , e.g. the US and Germany. Yes it's big, but the height of the thing makes it look bigger than it is...
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    Advice wanted from W251 R Class / X164 GL owners

    Had a GL 420CDI until quite recently. Kept it for nearly 5 years and about 60Kmiles with very few problems. Had a suspension component ( described as a damper I think)replaced under warranty at about 20k miles because it was ‘misting’ fluid. Other than that only a couple of injectors (...
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    Question for Symbian die-hards - Nokia Belle?

    Upgrade went smoothly and everything works.
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    MB GL420CDI 2007 for Sale.

    Now sold.
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    Back Up

    I use an external hard drive and the Windows 7 back up / restore facility. Simple to use and let's you create a complete system image if you want to. Choice is driven somewhat by the size of the data you want to back up. Memory sticks are fine for relatively small amounts but if you...
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    PCN Experience

    You could of course go shop lifting and only get a warning. Punishment / penalty system is a complete mess. Punishments are in no way proportional to the offence.
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    MB GL420CDI 2007 for Sale.

    MB GL420CDI 2007 for Sale - Price Reduction New Price £22750. If you want a GL you really should come and have a look at the condition of this car. Words like immaculate, outstanding etc are routinely used to describe cars that, on inspection, turn out to be anything but immaculate or...
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    buying road tax in the post office

    He wasn't charged with fraud, he was charged with having no insurance because he didn't have any. Why would this situation ( not having insurance) suddenly change if he was involved in an accident? What does recently mean in this context, days, weeks, months? Does the recent insurer you refer...
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    Any Opticians in the house?

    An ophthalmologist isn't really interested in routine sight checks. That's what an optometrist does. Dispensing optician:Job description A dispensing optician is trained to dispense and fit spectacles and other optical aids, working from the prescriptions written by optometrists and...
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