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    Remote parking pilot with Google Pixel

    Hello all. Has anyone managed to about a Google Pixel with the remote parking pilot? No matter what I try, they refuse to pair citing "incorrect pin" as the reason.
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    New E220 Options

    Hello everyone, it's been a while! My E350 (9G AMG Line Prem Plus) has reached the end of it's lease so it's time to hunt for a new car. I'm leaning towards a E220 AMG Line Premium with Driver Assistance Plus and 360 camera as options I really like the idea of using the autonomous...
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    Unexplained loss of power. 2015 E350

    Hello all, I've had this rather weird thing happen to my car twice now. I've covered around 2K miles and everything seems fine with the car except for two incidents when there was a sudden loss of power. It feels like the throttle is being severely restricted, leading to very slow acceleration...
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    white creamy stuff

    Hello, This morning my daughter noticed some white fluid pouring from the passenger wheel arch on my 2015 W212, E350. It felt and smelt a bit waxy/oily so I assume it's just excess protective wax that is pouring out from the sill. Does anyone think I should get someone to look at it or is it...
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    wwwwww what?

    Sorry to be dumb but I really struggle with these W numbers. So I don't miss a post regarding my car, could someone be kind enough to tell me what mine is? I have a 2015 E350 AMG Line Premium Plus Saloon with the 9G auto box. Cheers!
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    E350 servicing, PAYG or Plan?

    PAYG or Service Plan? I've been quoted £30 pcm for a service plan for my 2015 E350. Over 24 months this would be £720 so I'm wondering if it's worth it considering I just need 2 services. When I purchased my C63 I was quoted £45 (£1080) I thought that was too high so didn't take the offer up...
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    E350 2015 Horrible "safety" feature

    Hello everyone, I've just taken delivery of an E350, overall I'm delighted with it, it's a totally different experience to the C63! But anywhow, I've encountered a very annoying feature on the E350 that is driving me nuts - when I park in awkward spaces I like to open the driver's door just to...
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    New car ordered

    So, the deed is done and deposit paid for a new E350. After a lot of deliberation between canvasite blue, palladium silver and tenorite gray I finally settled on obsidian black :) I've opted for the premium plus package, as it didnt seem to add all that much to the monthly costs. I used drive...
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    rear ended, 3 weeks before lease expiry.

    Typical! Almost 2 years of ding free motoring, ready to hand back a pristine c63 and someone runs into me at a roundabout. I was fuming. The damage can hardly be seen, but I suspect the whole bumper has moved by a couple of mm, so there was no way I was letting go of that one without getting...
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    Time for a new car: E350 7G or 9G?

    Hi, Unfortunately it's almost time to hand in the keys of my beloved C63 which I've had on a 2yr lease. I've loved every mile in it and only wish I could get another, but with the new model not being available anytime soon and a lack of lease deals I think I will have to look at other options...
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    C63 after 1.5 months

    Hello all, just thought I'd post a quick update on my new ride. With just over 1300 miles on the clock, the car is proving to be an absolute joy. Here are a few short and sweet observations: Negatives: Although it's a good looking car it's not really a head turner, most people don't look...
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    Do you ever use S ?

    On my way to do the Christmas shopping this morning, it occurred to me that "S" mode is probably feeling a little neglected on my car, if I want "normal" driving (60-70% of the time) I'll use "C" and if I want to make some noise and have a silly grin on my face, I'll always turn the dial to S+...
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    Proper pictures of the new girl.

    1 week old and I've finally given the car some much needed TLC with a lovely coat of SwissVax "Best of Show" - many thanks to Steve of Mirror Finish for turning up on such a horrible morning and keeping the faith that the sun would eventually appear long enough to put on some wax! Here are...
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    C63 Tyre Pressure monitoring

    Does anyone know how this works and at what psi does it trigger a warning? I was wondering if it's better to check with a manual pressure gague on a regular basis rather than rely on the gizmo? Anyone who mentions 600psi will get a lump of coal from santa this year ;)
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    She's arrived!

    After a relatively short wait of three months (which seemed like an eternity at the time) my new ride finally arrived on Friday. I opted for a Black C63 Estate with Sand/Black interior and no optional extras. The supplying dealer was in Exeter, so she had to be driven up to North Wales, a trip...
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    C63 Insurance - MB Insurance cheapest

    It seems that the general trend for MB Insurance to be giving great quotes for the C63 continues - I've just had my new car insured with them for £619 for me and the wife. I'm 41, she is 42, we both have recent "at fault" claims and the cover includes full business use (for me only). The...
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    At last - signs of life!

    I got all the finance forms by email this afternoon - it seems like my car is at the dealership in Exeter, it's been a long wait and it sounds like it will soon be over and I'll have a lovely new car :bannana: I've been offered the £40 a month for 2 years servicing package - is that good...
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    I COMAND your assistance, please :)

    Hi everyone! Since I can't stop thinking about my C63, that's still 2 months away, I've started wondering about COMAND. As I understand it from the MB website, all C63s come with COMAND as standard, the optional extra is COMAND online, which basically gives online connectivity for help with...
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    Do you prefer to do it in public or in private?

    So, I was determined not to add any options to my C63 to keep the lease costs low, but now I'm getting a bit of a niggle about Privacy glass, most of my work colleagues think it would make the car look a lot better. I've ordered Obsidian Black with Sand/Black interior, I believe the car will be...
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    Hello from a MB newbie. Guess what car I have on order :)

    Hello everyone, I've made a few posts already but I just spotted this area for introducing myself, so why not. I'm Rhys and I'm currently going through the agonizing wait for my C63 Estate, Obsidian Black with Sand/Black interior to be delivered in November. I fell in love with the C63...
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