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  1. skemball

    W210 e320CDi steering arm free play

    Great, thanks for the reply. Ive just checked with Euro car parts and they stock them, looks like the ball/socket joint is part of the arm which in turn is screwed to the rack - thats good engineering as its saves replacing the whole rack. cheers :
  2. skemball

    W210 e320CDi steering arm free play

    My 240,000 mile e320CDi has developed free play in the O/S steering arm / rack. Question is can I replace just the arm (assuming no wear in the rack) or is it likely to be a complete rack replacement??? Its due a service shortly and i'd like to be "in the know" when the MB dealer gives me a...
  3. skemball

    E320 Codi squeaking front suspension

    Thanks Olly - I need to get mine booked in for the gearbox fluid change (187,000 miles!) so will call you tomorrow about checking these bushes out at the same time?
  4. skemball

    ML Suspension Test?

    Could be - or there is a steering misalignment with the Castor or camber on one side - at a guess if the wheel turns in reverse I would opt for Castor angle as this is what self centres the steering when going forwards. If it is incorrect (say due to a heavy kerbing or impact in the past) it...
  5. skemball

    E320 Codi squeaking front suspension

    Hi My front suspension is squeaking on speed humps but NOT heavy deliberate braking at low speed. There must be a connection to this phenomenon but i cant figure it out?????? driving over speed humps at walking speed results in a creak/squeak type of sound every time - like a rusty/dry...
  6. skemball

    W210 E320 CDI Thermostat

    As above thats where mine now sits after replacing the 'stat. The electric cooling fans generally only come on when the air-con has been running for a few minutes on a warm day. They initially start up on low speed but when the weather hots up can run up to maximum speed for a while.
  7. skemball

    Cool car!

    Are we talking about the electric cooling fan in front of the air-con radiator running, or the engine mounted viscous fan (which obviously will be turning with the engine runnig) ?
  8. skemball

    Advice please for whine noise on E320 CDI

    You may have some engine or gearbox ancillary resonating and touching the bodywork which is why you can hear it inside the car but not from the outside.
  9. skemball

    W210 CDI Injector replacement and parts required

    I have replaced several injector 'seals' on mine and there is no O ring seal, only the copper washer. These along with the stretch bolt that retains the injector clamp plate are normally off the shelf at an M.B dealer parts department and not expensive. I have not needed to recut any seat...
  10. skemball

    DIY wheel respray paint recomendation?

    That looks great to me - If you can stretch to some chrome 3 star centre caps: MERCEDES BENZ 4 X WHEEL CENTRES/CAPS SAME DAY POST on eBay (end time 13-Apr-10 15:32:46 BST) The extra sparkle will set the wheels off nice.
  11. skemball

    black smoke w210 e320 cdi

    All done & dusted. ~Took me 2 days from start to finish, the longest parts were cleaning the crap out of the manifold & EGR valve assembly! She now starts better from cold, no black smoke and I can hear the EGR working now as well. Next job is to fit the EGR 'delete' modification that has been...
  12. skemball

    W211 e55 AMG - Annoying Flat spot

    I'm guessing this car uses a drive by wire electrical throttle so if you have one & know your way round an engine with an electrical multi-meter i would first check the throttle potentiometer for smooth progressive resistance throughout the throttle range. I'm not familiar with this model...
  13. skemball

    black smoke w210 e320 cdi

    Yes Ive got new manifold gasket and various O rings and a gasket for the water cooled exhaust/EGR metalwork. Ive had the intercooler out recently to sort a leak so thats all o.k. Ive got a couple of gallons of paraffin and going to try some of this swarfega cleaner as Ive got their vehicle...
  14. skemball

    black smoke w210 e320 cdi

    Heres a picture of the bar (new replacement from M.B) that someone has modified for me with a retainer in case the ball pin has worn on the stepper motor arm.
  15. skemball

    black smoke w210 e320 cdi

    Good posts Gents as this makes me more certain to do my engine as this is exactly the problem on mine - I'm gonna book Thursday off now to tackle manifold removal as i am suspecting one or more of my flaps has sheared off the shaft as it smokes regardless of whether the link arm is in the flaps...
  16. skemball

    Amg ii 17"

    AMG II are my preferred wheel for the W210, some may say they are a bit retro but they just sit right - not blingy but they make a statement. I'd go for 18" as below over 17" if it was me :)
  17. skemball

    16'' alloys

    16" is the standard factory size rim so you will be fine. I run on these for most of the time. If its pot holes and ruts that are the cause for concern you will find that 16" rims wont make too much difference. I've never been impressed by my cars 'deportment' on local roads as compared to Jags...
  18. skemball

    is it a common thing black smoke

    mine puffs a bit bt i have noticed recently that it smokes noticeably as i pull away from standstill for a few yards then clears - it also smokes much more when I floor the throttle - also, a couple of times the gearbox goes into a limp type mode (reduced revs and will not kick down) but no...
  19. skemball

    W210 320cdi Tuning Boxes

    I have a Van Aaken 'box' fitted. Doing tests with it connected and disconnected it definately gives the engine more urgency - but with a bit of smoke, not too much but enough to soot up the rear valance over a few thousand miles (i dont wash mine every week):)
  20. skemball

    wheel balancing - 340g added

    this looks like a classic case of the fitter either over or under applying a weight on one side then compensating on the the opposite side and repeatedly not geting the correct weight applied - they are positioned to counter each other - I reckon the same effect would have been acheived by...
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