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  1. edtzxr

    CLK 320 A208 Roof problem

    Hi all, Looking for some guidance....... Recently my hood has stopped working. It makes all the right noises but does not release the latch that then allows the rear glass screen to open. Last night I stripped it all down to check the oil level (wow that was a pain in the ****) and...
  2. edtzxr

    clk w209 poor fuel economy

    Yes that what I did then took it out and taught the gearbox how I wanted it to react I think it uses the first 40 changes or so. Ed
  3. edtzxr

    clk w209 poor fuel economy

    Try resetting the auto gearbox. it learns your driving style but will have learnt a load of crap by now. seriously I saw nearly 50 more miles out of a tank when I did mine all be it mine is a 320 clk 1999
  4. edtzxr

    jerky shift in very slow traffic

    Hi all, Looking for a little advice. I have a 1999 clk320 a208 (the convertible version of the w208) 5 speed auto box not triptronic She has done 80k and has a full service history. owned her now for about 8 months and few minor issues all dealt with but this weekend stuck in slow moving...
  5. edtzxr

    clk a208 - Double din touch screen sat nav

    With the head unit I have I think you could configure it to record as a dash cam but I would need to split the camera feed as its plugged into a dedicated reversing camera port at the moment. I would need go give it a permanent live (currently fed from the reversing lights). which would then...
  6. edtzxr

    clk a208 - Double din touch screen sat nav

    I presume you are referring to the reversing cam? It was quite a faf to be honest but I took the wires through the flex conduit on the boot lid using a fish tape then passed through the boot bulkhead following existing wiring loom, under the seat that pulls out really easy, then I routed...
  7. edtzxr

    Recomendation Another option Sat nav with tmc function, reversing camera inputs, tv inputs, blue tooth phone and music, yes its a cheap china unit but has worked great for me I believe the android powered ones...
  8. edtzxr

    MOT Emissions advice please. Sorry no it wasn't it was this one
  9. edtzxr

    MOT Emissions advice please. This is the stuff I used to use :)
  10. edtzxr

    MOT Emissions advice please.

    One tip I have and had to use every time for mot on my old MGF was to get a redex or similar mot prep treatment from Halfords. two bottles one injector cleaner and one petrol treatment how ever you need to get through two tanks of fuel for full effect. Use premium fuel and Also changed the air...
  11. edtzxr

    Ebay Sat Nav This is my small thread on the unit I fitted it is an A-Sure one.
  12. edtzxr

    Ebay Sat Nav

    I fitted an A-Sure one to my clk (generic double din unit) not one like this that is designed to fit the dash. I agree you get what you pay for however my experience has been great works perfectly and the sat nav is one of the best I have used mine has the TMC function so picks up live...
  13. edtzxr

    HELP! Wire source ID

    I'm sure I read somewhere there is a fuse hidden behind the instrument cluster.
  14. edtzxr

    Replacement Ariel

    Hi all, The rear Ariel on my clk 208 convertible is looking worse for wear and has split. does anyone have any recommendations for a replacement genuine ones are £50 and I'd rather not spend that much. Ed
  15. edtzxr

    CLK55 Air Filter, genuine or not??

    different car I know but I have a piper cross in mine too and I love the extra throaty roar. its subtle but I love it
  16. edtzxr

    aftermarket rear view parking camera

    Pic of the camera fitted
  17. edtzxr

    Induction Kit Pipe and Hello! :)

    I looked into this and to be honest decided against it but I did change to a piper cross panel filter and that gives a really lovely growl now but still quiet and subtle. Also top tip from me DO THE GEARBOX RESET marked change in response and 50 more miles out of the tank for me :)
  18. edtzxr

    aftermarket rear view parking camera

    I don't Actually have a pic of the camera but I will take one tonight and post tomorrow. The number plate slots into the black plastic bit you have to break some plastic lugs off and it slots in to a sort of spring loaded pocket, its very secure and a perfect fit for a standard size plate...
  19. edtzxr

    aftermarket rear view parking camera

    This stuff is also a must have and makes the job 100% easier. this is the mirror I used in Dads...
  20. edtzxr

    aftermarket rear view parking camera

    It was a fiddly job but you can follow a route from the tail gate through existing conduits under the back seat and then I used the conduits that run along the sils of the car when you pull the plastic runners up there is a cable tray under them, but to be honest in a coupe its easier to tuck...
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