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    mobile diagostics in the farnham/godalming area

    Hi guys, does anybody know of a mobile mechanic that can diagnose a key not being accepted in a W208 in the Farnham/Godalming area? car is completely immobile, I have googled a few guys that dont come out this far and looked through these threads but can find anybody mobile? does anybody have...
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    W208 wont turn or start, key issues?

    Doggy sitter, I have the latest issue of keys which arrived today along with my ignition switch so I shall try them this evening and get back to you?
  3. W210 Fan

    W208 wont turn or start, key issues?

    no worries and its a good idea, to de-risk this I am using the battery out of my W140 S500 which is oversize, brand new and is removed from a working 140 to do this test!
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    W208 wont turn or start, key issues?

    Very public spirited of you!!!
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    W208 wont turn or start, key issues?

    They said they had tested key number 1 with the ignition module I sent them, I spoke to them and key 2 needs to go in and out of the ignition 6 times, I did that and it didnt work, they have said for me to send both keys and the ignition module back and they will make sure they all work before...
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    W208 wont turn or start, key issues?

    well thanks for trying anyway!
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    W208 wont turn or start, key issues?

    Thankyou gents, I happened to have the panel hanging out at the moment and there is no 16 pin socket there only the round mercedes star one under the bonnet... :(
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    W208 wont turn or start, key issues?

    I believe the w210 and w208 electronics are very similar if you don’t mind trying?
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    W208 wont turn or start, key issues?

    I don’t know where the ODB is in the 208 I’ve always used the star, w207 and w209 points towards newer stuff - maybe your gear isn’t designed for these old hacks? Has it got a w210?
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    W208 wont turn or start, key issues?

    It’s not impossible but the ignition switch has been up to autotronics and they didn’t report any errors with it, How far away are you? I could collect if you were to be good enough to read my codes
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    W208 wont turn or start, key issues?

    So, long time no speak, ive been busy with reliable motors! I have a W208, the key stopped working so I employed Autotronics to investigate it, they asked for the ignition module which I sent off and they sent me a new key which unlocked the doors but didnt start the engine, the ignition module...
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    W208 key not recognised

    Guys, W208 430, only key started messing about with locking/unlocking and being recognised in the ignition, changed batterys in remote and took car battery from other car and tried it in but no different, then sent key off to Autotronics in Leicester to have key checked, they said key DOA and...
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    W210 towbar

    Hi guys and gals, im looking for a W210 towbar for the E240 we just picked up to tow a Piaggio Ape truck, if anybody has one please let me know! thanks
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    W210 facelift lights for sale

    Mercedes W210 facelift rear lights upgrade AMG avantgarde 210 E55 E36 E430 E320 | eBay Pm me if your interested
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    C43 to avoid

    no, I am trying to stop other people wasting there time looking at cars, DM, please dont reply to my threads, I have no interest in anything you have to say
  16. W210 Fan

    C43 to avoid

    1999 Mercedes-Benz C Class C43 5dr Auto Amg Estate 4.3 my housemate has just been to see it, sills are rotton and the gearbox has not had an ATF change ever otherwise very nice
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    Armoured W126

    B6 means 7.62 NATO round, the armour should be around 1/4" thick, it doesnt state at what angle it achieved B6, it could be 30 degrees in which case it has thin light armour and is designed to deflect, obviously a 90 degre hit has a lot more force it needs to withstand, These could be the...
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    Cheapest C43 SO FAR

    yeah not sure about that, I have been watching prices of second hand merc bits drop like a stone as mercs dont go wrong this age? I have an E55 W210 to break as I want the engine and a few bits, I cant see me making too much money on it, there are 3-4 interiors on ebay that have been there for...
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    Designo E55 w210

    I think I nearly brought this car last year, it was in scotland, I dont think there are too many in that colour, I like it and I think the interior is great! ive seen this breaker before, they always overprice stuff, I bet they paid about £900 for this car, its an odd route for this car to end...
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    are they borbets? I have seen something similar on a 126 coupe and it looked great!
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