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  1. talbir

    Mercedes 300CE AMG

    hi all, Will be selling a handful of my collection, as it has grown to a silly number (28 cars!) so looking to get down to a more manageable number. Here is the first one for sale. cheers talbir 1991 MERCEDES 300 CE AMG | eBay
  2. talbir

    W124 Remus backbox

    that THE funniest thing I have read on this or any other forum EVER ! brilliant ! thanks for the laughs !
  3. talbir

    Stunning 300ce amg

    Well i can still do that photo shoot as the SL is with a very good friend of mine :-) The paint is excellent - needs no more than a solid polish, so impressed with the entire car. thanks talbir
  4. talbir

    Stunning 300ce amg

    Thanks all. There was a specific reason for buying this - it completes a trio of AMG cars i have in Signal Red with Black interior. I have a w126 SE with Gen 2 AMG, a w201 Widebody AMG and with this w124 CE, it completes a special threesome in the Red and Black theme ! I intend to do the...
  5. talbir

    Stunning 300ce amg

    I love it too.....a great drive home and now parked up in my stable. What a lovely first ever w124 coupe ! :) T
  6. talbir

    A rare beast......

    It's likely a genuine 6.0 AMG M119, but equally likely to have it's ignition ECU failed or LH modules failed given it's not starting. Both modules are either NLA or cost 3.2k GBP from MB. better off building a fresh M119 big-bore and creating a simple RRFPR system to fuel. talbir
  7. talbir

    Mercedes benz 500e auto 1992 smoke silver

    None, the engine is still in LA, sitting completed and ready to be shipped.....i am there in March so hope to sort out that last hurdle. cheers talbir
  8. talbir

    Mercedes benz 500e auto 1992 smoke silver

    No difference Jay.......emission controls were good enough by then to deal with the regs. Only post sept 93 cars had a power difference, they had 7 bhp less. cheers talbir
  9. talbir

    C124 red leather (Pre facelift) interior

    absolutely scrumptious....i think that would look amazing in my 040 Black 500E.....with the Recaros color coded of course ! shame it's for a coupe ! talbir
  10. talbir

    Jay's 500E

    That silver 500E i sold to Jay is very special....being original UK, great colour combo of silver and black interior and a hugely impressive condition on bodywork, interior and is a car that looks and is very special. I could take another similar 500E but would struggle to make...
  11. talbir

    w124 convertible e36 engine

    The colour and kit is great....looks like it's lowered a tad too much imo but that and any rust issues are an easy fix. Very pretty car and i wouldn't mind owning a 4 seater convertible one day...the only convertible i have is the r129 Lorinser SL. talbir
  12. talbir

    Cl65 amg.

    I bought my wife's w220 S55 AMG from this seller - excellent dealer, excellent and exotic cars in excellent condition fro mwhat i have seen and i have been back a couple of times to test drive other vehicles of interest, most recently a Testarossa. The S55 i purchased from him has been perfect...
  13. talbir

    Mercedes lorinser spot lamps 80's and 90's

    The advert is correct - whilst they are fog lamps from a w126 Coupe model, they are exactly the fog lamps that Lorinser used from 1980 to 1993 throughout their range, from w201s to w140s. So not incorrect to call them Lorinser but pricey at 200 squidders. talbir
  14. talbir

    Jay's 500E

    The author of the article is Dan Trent....previously editor of Mercedes Enthusiast. The first time he ever featured a 500E it was my silver one....back in 2005. Now sits proudly in Jay's garage :-) talbir
  15. talbir

    W124 E60 AMG £20k

    You will also need to change the rear RHS bulb panel to a UK w124 version which has the fog light slot. For MOT, the rear fog light must be on the UK offside. Your MOT centre may also require the side repeaters on the wing....some will treat the front turn lamps as adequate but some may not...
  16. talbir

    Mercedes benz amg hammer 5.0 (1985)

    The Hammer on pistonheads - i'd say worth 35k GBP any day of the week. It's the only RHD Gen I DOHC M117 engined w124 originally done by Strattons/AMG. Provenance is the key to it's high value. And Vlad put it back an outstanding original condition, It may now have a few minor variances...
  17. talbir

    Mercedes benz amg hammer 5.0 (1985)

    Not at all - Neville was with me at the auction and all i said to him was that i am going for it big time. No other conversation took place. Yes, his is bigger than mine....he's got 30 something cars, mine's far more sensible at 23. :-) The 5.0 Gen I DOHC M117 in the car for sale above is...
  18. talbir

    560 sec sls valve

    When the Srs valve is replaced, the system does need to be filled with oil, and the valve bled using the bleeding valve at the top of the valve unit. If you can get the car on a lift, start the engine, disconnect the ride height bar that connects valve to anti-roll bar and move upwards to raise...
  19. talbir


    That's the thing with 500e's....they are bulletproof, a level of build quality above all w124s and w126s. Very difficult to make a 500e a bad car and very easy to bring it back to the 10/10 car it always will be. For me, quite easily the best car Mercedes produced in the past 3 decades. talbir
  20. talbir

    AMG SE wheel change

    My wife makes all the w126 curtains for me - she used an original as a template once, and now she reels them off in no time. That said, my wife makes full costumes, so curtains are easy peasy. I get the material from a fabric shop - material that has the elasticity as per original material...
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