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  1. mattyv33

    2001 S210 E430 Spark Plug Boot Puller

    Hi all, Haven't been on for a while since selling my S500 but am back with an E430. Its currently got a rough idle and so I am going to replace the spark plugs to see if it sorts the issue. It has 166000 miles. I have got all the necessary parts on order to complete the change but am...
  2. mattyv33

    W220 S500 Harmonic Balancer Removal

    Hi all, Trying to find a way of locking the harmonic balancer pulley so I can undo the 27mm bolt - I have spent days researching the subject, bought all relevant parts like genuine merc harmonic balancer and bolt, torque wrench to tighten to 200nm and 27mm impact socket. I have two lengths...
  3. mattyv33

    Fitting IO Play 2 hands free kit to W220 with Comand

    Hi all, have been searching for hours for an answer to my questions but there are so many different ones! I have the old style comand with square screen and keypad on the right. I bought an IO PLAY 2 for Bluetooth and music streaming, it comes with an iso lead. I pulled the comand out to find...
  4. mattyv33

    W220 S500 noisy Airmatic pump!

    Had this for a while now, wondering if anyone has experienced similar. After about 3 weeks of owning the car it started making a really load groaning noise from the drivers front wheel - it comes on intermittently and seems to stop with a hissing noise when speed drops under 20mph. It is...
  5. mattyv33

    C32 Supercharger on a C320?

    Hi all, been looking into fitting a C32 supercharger to my C320 - have looked on the web for information but all I've found is sarcastic Americans saying it can't be done. Surely it can be! I know I will need charger and new ECU/ ECU remap at least but would I need to change internals?
  6. mattyv33

    W203 Performance Exhaust

    Hi all, looking for a new exhaust for my C320 - love the note but want to amplify it a bit. Have seen loads of videos on YouTube, the ultimate is the Eisenmann but I price one up - £1000! Wondering what others have gone for. I am looking to spend around £300.
  7. mattyv33

    2001 C320 ABS ESP BAS warning light then limp mode

    Hi all, bought a 2001 W203 C320 a month back. A couple of days later I got the ABS ESP BAS warning light followed by visit workshop and the car went into limp mode. Great, I thought, here we go. I stopped, turned it off and started it up and everything cleared. The car ran as normal for 2...
  8. mattyv33

    2001 W203 non gen Comand

    Hi all, been reading a lot of info on comand and installing etc. I have seen a comand style system on eBay but can't find any reviews from people that have owned it. I like it because it has a bigger screen and more...
  9. mattyv33

    1996 e300td water sloshing in passenger sills/ footwell??

    Hi all, For the last few weeks everytime I accelerate or brake I can hear a lot of water sloshing up and down the passenger side sill - has anyone else experienced this and if so how have you solved the problem? Can't see how that amount of water would of got in there and why it doesn't...
  10. mattyv33

    Where is the battery located?? W210 2001

    As above, the battery recently died whilst in France and I just couldn't find the battery! Stupid question I know, can somebody please help :wallbash:
  11. mattyv33

    B Service Overdue

    Hi All, Just wondering if somebody could advise if there are any guides on how to change the oil and filter on my W210 E320 CDI 2001? I had the ATF/ gasket and sump changed a few days ago so I am I right in thinking I need to change all the fluids and filters on my car to complete this...
  12. mattyv33

    W210 2001 Smart Key Replacement

    Hi All, I was just wondering if it was possible to either buy a new case for my key and swap the internals over or if it was possible to upgrade to the newer style smart key (chrome one). Would be greatful of any help! Thanks, Matt :D
  13. mattyv33

    ATF Change Dipstick

    Hi All, I have a slight leak from the gearbox, I got my gf's cousin who works for Land Rover as a mechanic to look at it and he said the gasket is perished and needs replacing. He's got the oil and gasket but is struggling to find the special dipstick you need - he's tried a few Merc...
  14. mattyv33

    Refurbed my wheels !

    Hey all, Loving my E320 - keep finding new things on it! Was driving home from a friends the other day in the pitch black and realised it had lights in all 4 footwells and door handles! :cool: Anyway, the things most spoiling it were the alloys and front wing. I haven't managed to source...
  15. mattyv33

    W210 Projector Lights on eBay - any good ?

    As above, I quite like the chrome or black projector lights, I think they would really update the front. Anyone got any experience of them?? Cheers, Matt
  16. mattyv33

    W210 E320CDI fluid leak !

    Hi All, Noticed yesterday that my car was leaking something - it rained yest and I could see the rainbow effect going down the hill. It didn't look major, I've just looked at my car again today and it is leaking quite a lot - seems to be on the underside of the car under the interior and the...
  17. mattyv33

    2001 W210 Tape to Aux

    Hi All, Just wondering if it is possible to connect an aux lead to the back of the Mercedes tape player? Also if not, I will get an aftermarket, is it just a case of buying an iso adapter to get this to work. And lastly, can I get a lead so that the steering controls work for the...
  18. mattyv33

    Refurbing W210 Alloys

    Hi All, My alloys are pretty wrecked so I am going to refurb them myself - quick question though, the wheel has balancing weights on the outside - can I just spray over these or do they need to be taken off and refitted? Many thanks! Matt
  19. mattyv33

    New MErc

    Hi all, Recently joined and thought I'd share some pictures of the new Merc with you: Has the usual rusty front wings which I will be sorting soon, the alloys need a refurb too. Thing I'm loving most at the mo is the heated, ventilated, electric, memory, leather seats!! Thanks!
  20. mattyv33

    Comand retrofit/ double din

    Hi All, I have a W210 with the tape and autochanger – I hate it and want to upgrade to a cd/ mp3 player. I would like bluetooth also – just wondering how easy/ hard it would be to put a double din in there and what parts I would need? Also I was looking at a comand retrofit, could anyone...
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