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  1. johns E350

    Service remap

    My E350 goes in for a service next Saturday at M-B Northampton. I don't want them to know it has been re mapped as it is still on a PCP. This may sound stupid but will they do anything that would wipe the remap. The car is over 3 years old so don't think there would be any updates for the ECU...
  2. johns E350

    Limp Mode

    Anyone got any idea why my car went into limp mode with no warning lights on in dashboard. It is running fine again after turning it off for a while car is E 350 cdi blue efficiency. Should I be concerned, and should I inform the dealership.
  3. johns E350

    Rear wiper

    Why don't saloon cars have a rear window wiper. When hatchbacks do ???
  4. johns E350

    I have been coverted

    Have always been a big fan of Apple iPhone. The company I work for as persuaded me to have a company phone. I agreed in the end. Yesterday I picked up a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini have been using it for 24 hrs now and can only say it is excellent as good if not better than my iPhone also on 4G and...
  5. johns E350

    What is my BHP

    How can I find out if my E350 Coupe is 231bhp or 265bhp Thanks in advance
  6. johns E350


    I am thinking of trying one of these but at only £89.00 think it may be a waste of time. Any one else fitted one and do they make a difference Thanks John P
  7. johns E350

    Green rubbers

    Hello all any of you know the best way or any way of bringing the window rubbers back to original. As my car stands out side the rubbers have gone green. Just rubbed an ear bud on them and it don't touch it. Thanks in advance John p
  8. johns E350


    Have solved a rattle in my E class coupe. If I load the CD player with all six discs the car develops a rattle obviously from the CD player but if I had not of twigged it I would never have known where that rattle was coming from. Never known anyone else to have this problem, so it is 1 CD at a...
  9. johns E350

    Merc v bmw

    Driving along the M40 today in my restricted works Van looking at the mercs and beamers as they passed me. How any one could think a 3 or 5 series is a better looking car than a w204 c class or a w212 E class is beyond me especially the estates. Also a BMW x1 or x3 looks so dated when viewed...
  10. johns E350

    Opinion please

    The paint is lifting in 2 places on the drivers side door handle. Hope you can see it from my pics. I purchased the car from Mercedes Benz with tier1 warranty. I have had the car approx 6 weeks. My question is should they put it right, I know if it is mechanical etc but is splitting paint down...
  11. johns E350

    Diesel man

    Why is Diesel man banned, and should he be reinstated
  12. johns E350

    Ultimate diesel

    S ultimate diesel worth the extra penny's does it give better performance and more miles to the gallon
  13. johns E350


    Correct me if I am wrong is it not possible to edit a thread once it has been sent. As I have a problem of sending threads then reading what I have sent to find auto speller has changed words or I have spelt words wrong and can't then correct. Or do I need to check before I send
  14. johns E350


    Ideation is I use auto Glym super resin polish on a sort of monthly basis would it still be best to also apply a Wax as I have been informed the polish only lasts for about a month and wax will seal for May be 6 months is this correct ???
  15. johns E350

    Air presure

    An anyone tell me what the tyre pressure should be front and back on an E350 coupe (2009) SE as it don't say in the owners manual ????
  16. johns E350


    Have had my E350 coupe 59 plate for a couple of weeks now only doing around town miles and it is returning 23 miles to the gallon on the computer is this what is to be expected or should I get the claimed 30+ I also buy my diesel from the supermarket outlets would I be better buying from BP or...
  17. johns E350


    Why will this not let me send
  18. johns E350


    An anyone point me in the right direction as to what to use on the leather interior it does not want cleaning but would like to make sure the leather is kept supple etc Thanks in advance
  19. johns E350

    New to the forum

    I all I have just changed my merc from a c class estate to a E class 350 coupe and it is fantastic apart from the pan roof but that has been sorted by mercedes now so all is good I am located in Northampton enough said
  20. johns E350

    Pan roof

    Got my E350 coupe last week end and it had to go straight back to mercedes as the pan roof jammed up getting it back today Thursday been told it had over £2000 of work done as they had to take the roof lining out to fit new blind & motors etc can't wait to get it back now
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