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    SRS Fault on ML

    Anybody had the SRS airbag control module replaced My 2003 ML has this fault took to indie and have been quoted £535 to have replaced,including programming and labour. Is this reasonable for Glasgow/Stirling area. Been on Star machine to reset but no use so replacement only cure and...
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    Battery Dead or NOT?

    Wonder if anyone has any other ideas Tried to start my ML500 tonight to go and pickup kids from school Hasnt been used since Friday and was working fine Tried to jump start from my neighbours small toyota but although bringing up dashboard lights and headlamps still wouldnt crank over. Put...
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    New Tyres Needed for 2003 ML500

    Looking for 2 new front tyres 285x50x18 Any suggestions welcome Anyone in Glasgow or Stirling you can recommend ? Cheers guys
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    New member

    Have ML500 that I bought in Oct last year.Have had some niggles with it and have used the Guys at the Indie in Ibrox Glasgow to check it over. Repaired the heat shields yesterday after getting info on how to from the site Amazed with the amount of info that people will impart to help out...
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