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    s210 rear shocks absorbers

    Car failed its mot on leaking rear shocks but when I saw the price £285 :eek: :crazy:wow the price for each corner! Got a pair from ECP but are they really that expensive even when the car is what 14 yeras old..... I love the car and it's the 1st time i had to dish out money on it in 4 years...
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    w210 front washer

    Hey guys I don't seem to see water coming out of my front washers, I thought at 1st thought it may be because of the frozen mornings but this has never been effected in the past. I can hear the pump working i don't believe its blocked as when i lift the bonnet and then press the washer i can...
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    S210 Mercedes Pulling to the left

    Recently I have noticed that the car pulls to the left at 1st I thought it maybe down to the tyres so had the front set replaced and balanced but it still doing the same.... I feel the the steering pull to the left and when driving straight the steering is off-centre position could it be...
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    W210 E240 cranking but not starting

    Hi people I am in a bit of a bother here 1) car is cranking but not starting 2) electric windows and indicators randomly not working. I tried searching the forum but not sure on where to get started. 1) engine is cranking but not starting this happened for the 1st time on Friday night...
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    Samsung Galaxy S3

    looking to buy one, sim free and unlocked preferable but on T-mobile/Orange will be fine.. so if anyone has one for sale please get in contact
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    Merc Jeep Custom Mod

    Over the weekend I went to pick up an AMG exhaust in south London and I came across this beast sitting at the guys garage.... [/IMG] the guy who did this said it was for customer and I can only take one picture as I asked kindly otherwise he was very protective about it. shame i could not...
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    W210 Xenon Headlights

    Hi, I have noticed my headlight not self levelling as it should, i have forgotten whether it should dip up than then level down. or start up and then adjust upwards, can someone kindly tell how this works?:dk: I now have a beam that seems to look for UFO's :doh: and I'm not sure what it could...
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    who on this forum has this GiffGaff PAYG sim card. I'm looking to transfer over to GiffGaff but i want to get some user experience good and bad before i commit. I have read reviews and searched the internet but it would be great to get some up to date and forum user experiences. It is...
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    W210 estate strange noise and slight vibration

    Hey guys i have come accross somthing very strange.:crazy: since last week I have noticed my car having a slight vibrating feeling when im hitting around 50-60mph but then it becomes less when i hit around 70mph Normal driving up to 50mph is fine but when go over 50 mph i also hear like...
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    Samsung Galaxy S2 in white

    Hi all im looking at buying this mobile phone relatively cheap so if you got one or know someone who is selling please pass them my way. ideally i would like the phone to be unlocked but if its on T mobile even better. ideally new boxed but a used one can suffice as long as the condition...
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    S210 with Black AMG II Monoblocks

    OK I been looking all over the net (maybe its me) but I cannot for the love of god find any S210 that have black wheels especially black AMG Monoblocks fitted so I was wondering if any of you guys have any pics that you don't mind sharing. I now have this itch on getting my wheels colored...
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    Mercedes Cosworth alloys

    Mercedes Cosworth 15 in Maidenhead, Reading | Wheel Rims & Tyres for Sale | thought i might post up on here and see if anyone takes a fancy
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    Fuel Pump rusted/Corroded

    I have recently been smelling petrol here and there but was not sure untill i saw some petrol drops underneath the rear of the car! :eek: I took it in to the garage this morning and it was leaking quite bad so the guy changed over the rubber hose which sort of fixed the issues but was still...
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    Plasti Dip

    Who has come accross Plasti Dip? I have seen it being used on wheels and other car body parts which is basically covers to a matt finish and is available in different colors. Here is a link of it being used on some wheels however there are many move vid on you tube...
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    B Service costs and parts

    Hey all just generating some idea as to how much a B service costs as i have been given different quotes. I also have had a look around to see what's in the B service and it looks like a major service but with lot of them seems to be doing only checks? is this correct? has anyone got a...
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    DVD creating software

    Hi I have a Sony HDD camcorder and i use the supplied DVD creating software but its not really that great. I was wondering if anyone know of a better software preferable a free one i can download to create DVD of my home movies.
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    AMG II Treat

    As some of you may know or not but I have had a set of AMG II Staggered sitting in the garage (over a year) waiting on me to make them look nicer but the truth was I just not had the time nor money to sort them out. But my rear wheels were close to the limit so I thought instead why not put...
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    On my way home

    and I saw this for the 1st time >>>>>> and then this when i pulled up on the drive way>>>>> [/IMG] now bring on the next milestone:D
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    Going to USA....where to visit?

    Hey people will be jetting off to the states (Washington DC) soon, its my 1st time :) however I have family there so will probably be taken around, fed and sheltered anyway:p, but wanted to get some ideas of places that you guys may have visited that I should try also, or add to my list of...
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    wanted digital camera

    going on holiday soon so looking to buy a digital camera and wanted to know if anyone has one going I'm after a one that takes excellent pictures with little effort, not sure on price I guess it would depend on make model/spec. I have been told the lumix range are very good, oh and it needs to...
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