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  1. ihandyman

    Fuel tank help

    Hi Guys I do not know if here is the right place to ask questions about my fuel tank ! So I have a small problem slightly dangerous ! My fuel tank is leaking a little bit , I do noticed all the time when I top up ! I been last year to MB in Croydon to have my MOT done and they also find...
  2. ihandyman

    ATF advice need

    Hi Guys I have a little question ! I want to change the ATF on my w202 c200 via a pneumatic pump witch I use normally for changing the oil ! If there is a room for a dipstick to rich the bottom to check the oil level that means is room for the pneumatic pump long stick to extract the oil or...
  3. ihandyman

    Hi to you all

    Hi Guys My name is sonny and I am from London , I am the proud owner of w202, c200 estate . I bought this car last year in September after I sold my BMW Motorbike witch I had for 5 years . Firstly I didn't want to sale as it was my toy, but one evening I was searching on the Internet for my...
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