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    Spacesaver or gunk & pump?

    Think about it here. What are you saying? FTSE100 companies generally have a target for CO2 from their vehicles. We have 130g/km. Why? Because of an EU directive? Or because the UK government incentives low CO2 vehicles for fleet operators. Also is it because of a EU directive or because from...
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    Spacesaver or gunk & pump?

    I don’t want this to go off topic but EU directives have no meaning. The uk and other states choose to adopt them. Otherwise why are there different motoring requirements in different member states e.g. hivis and breath test kits in France. The uk tax vehicles on CO2 as part of our own...
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    Spacesaver or gunk & pump?

    Not sure a spare fits under there. Didn’t look like that with mine. Think you have been unlucky. Had mine for nearly 3yrs and 60k miles and didn’t need the pump/gunk once. As others said you’ll find they made changes to get the CO2 down hence the lack of spare wheel and the fuel tank being...
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    So who fancies having twins at 86?

    If the story is true it’s wrong on so many levels not least so unfair on the children who have no choice in this unlike the parents and to answer the question, of course. Madness at that age!
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Have to say of all the EU scare stories, the army one is one of the biggest p*ss takes in that it’s not necessarily a bad thing but hasn’t happened and probably won’t! The words clutching and straws spring to mind!
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    OT: Renewable Energy Providers

    The “big six” have a very deliberate pricing model. That is they rely on customer apathy. Most customers don’t switch despite it being almost certainly that they will save money if they are with a big six provider. It’s why the government brought in the price cap. Bulb are a current star and...
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    Crashed my w215 cl500 need some help

    Think the OP has seen this video! I know standards are lower in other countries but I wouldn’t want to drive a car that’s been crashed this badly and then put back on the road.
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    What tyres are people wearing nowadays?

    I’ve an SL63 so not quite the same car but similar. I have found the Goodyear F1s to be best particularly for wet weather grip. Car was really lairy in the wet with Pirelli PZeros. I’ve tried PS4s but didn’t notice the difference and they don’t last as long. A positive is with the 63 engine it...
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    Been missing: Reasons why

    Way to go for your first new car!
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    304 Mph

    It won’t be as fast as a mapped/modded E55 either;)
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    Cheap home printer

    To be fair that used to be the case and I had a Lexmark that was terrible for that but replaced it with a HP and that was fine. The current Epson I have is quite happy not printing for ages as well
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    Should I have been alerted?

    This. I got the car new so all options provided free for first 3 yrs. that was all the app did then. Older cars have less though. As above each new car has more functionality
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    Cheap home printer

    I’ve got one of those, the ET-3750 model, had it for ages and it works really well. Ink lasts forever. Came with a spare set and still on the original inks. It’s cost per page printed you should look at as a lot will sell you a really cheap printer whose replacement ink is much more than the...
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    Interesting news about imminent A45 S flagship model!

    I think for most owners all they will ask is how much per month. Majority leased now. Be interesting how Mercedes price this
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    E55 vs E63 (or CLS?)

    I’m sure you wouldn’t! I loved my C63 estate. The reason I had one was no more than one blasted past my 330d sounding glorious and I was hooked! Still am. They are different sized cars so I would start about what works best for you
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    420 SEC

    Lovely cars. Always had a soft spot for the 928!
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    E55 vs E63 (or CLS?)

    At the end of the day what people on here think doesn’t matter as you will be driving it! So drive both and see what you think. This forum is great for grabbing a perceived issue and then many people repeat it as gospel. Truth is all cars have issues. A E55k estate will now be an ageing car...
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    Should I have been alerted?

    Mine was a 2016 W205. The app would tell/warm if the car was unlocked and would give open/closed status for the doors and windows but did nothing on the alarm.
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Yes but will they want to be part of the UK if they see Scotland leaving? All the arguments about not representing the population, not voting for the government apply. Add Northern Ireland to it and there goes the UK!
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Interesting responses to the question. Nothing concrete in terms of benefit to the individual. Just removing a perceived threat of compulsory military service and honouring the referendum. That’s worth a lot then
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