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  1. flat6buster

    E55 on "the market"

    You're all right. It's mine (as is the SL500). The E55 is sublime and far and away the best I have seen. Epic history, too.
  2. flat6buster

    SL500 on "the market"

    This SL on The Market is mine. I can confirm the car is very very good. Best SL I've had.
  3. flat6buster

    Coronavirus: What happens to auction prices for an SL55 when there's a public health scare?

    the black one had a non-functioning roof which must take 2 or 3 grand off it surely
  4. flat6buster

    W222 owners

    Thank you. Yes I think my days of wanting a drivers car day to day are gone. I used to have a sports ars@ to fit a sports seat. My derriere is now comfort spec and a confort seat fits it rather better! Was hoping for 35+ and I think that's OK. Its only a bit worse than the c350e I have now...
  5. flat6buster

    W222 owners

    Please may I ask w222 owners what I can expect mpg-wise from a 500 vs 350d on a 500 mile autoroute run. I'm not talking a blat across Europe but a 130 kmh cruise on cruise control all the way. I do so hate diesel, I am sure if it has to be diesel the w222 will hide it admirably but I am so...
  6. flat6buster

    E55 estate

    Hi Bug4Life yes I have found myself with too many cars (again), a spare warehouse and have thus decided to trade some. That said this was bought by me in 2018 to use when my horrid lease C350e goes back (I bought it way too early but it was just such a great car). Thing is I just can't bring...
  7. flat6buster

    E55 estate

    I have a tin opener......
  8. flat6buster

    E55 estate

    shameless plug for my E55 with 37,000 miles on it on autotrader here it's really, really nice. one gentleman owner who sadly passed away, then ownership transferred to his wife before I bought it so 3 owners but 2 really ;-) Lived with JW1 as the number plate until I lowered the tone. Looked...
  9. flat6buster

    Buying a Mercedes and others saying that you are "rich."

    I never actually said the cars enrich my life. In fact I am not sure they do.......
  10. flat6buster

    Buying a Mercedes and others saying that you are "rich."

    A full tummy every night, a warm home, the world's best dog (sorry everyone but my dog IS the best) and a happy marriage. I can't imagine being richer. How much money do I have? Irrelevant.
  11. flat6buster

    2004 SL55 immaculate on 29k miles....

    peachy post, that
  12. flat6buster

    Your garage - one car. Which one ?

    959 or Ruf ctr.
  13. flat6buster

    W211 dynamic seats

    I missed my old E55 so we have another but an estate this time. Very low miles at 35,000 but the extending cushions of the dynamic seats do not extend. Now I am blessed that after 15 years the pneumatics all seem to work OK, they pinch when cornering, all the lumbar works fine (for now), just...
  14. flat6buster

    YuMove Dog Joint Care Supplement

    Following rave reviews I got 2 tubs of this for our pooch. He had 6 tablets and we found it upset his stomach. So I have 1 unopened tub of 300 tablets best before 05/2020 and 1 opened tub that now contains 294 tablets with the same use by date. These are £39 a tub. Anyone interested at £35...
  15. flat6buster

    CLK 500 convertible, 2004, 58,000 £5500

    Selling my clk 500 convertible. Have advertised elsewhere for £6250. Reckon £5500 for a MBClub member would be appropriate? Usual kit, HK, Elec Memory seats, BiXenons etc etc. Lovely car. Link to AT ad here
  16. flat6buster

    W221 S Class alloys UNUSED

    IMG_20171205_125430 by flat6buster posted Dec 5, 2017 at 1:03 PM I have a set of 4 'fat five' 18" alloys for a W221. Totally new and unused, not even out of the box. I have unpacked the top of one for photos but otherwise they have not even seen daylight. Selling as my W221 is about to go...
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