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  1. jaymanek

    G500 thoughts?

    Looks lovely. Identical spec to mine. If you want a g of that era, the 99/00 model year is the one to go for before they used the w203 interior and electronic transfer case... Looks a nice car and hard to find those rear bench seats... took me ages to find a set!
  2. jaymanek

    OM651 oil leak

    if it's at the back, it's the timing chain tensioner come loose. best to fit a new tensioner as they are a problem item anyway. if the leak is from front, it's the oil cooler. that's really the only two places 651's leak oil from.
  3. jaymanek

    Mercland Website, need help choosing please!

    Thanks all. Confirmed my thoughts. Provider A is a little more expensive and has around 450 motor trade websites compared to 1200+ for provider B but more important to me is a good site that works!
  4. jaymanek

    Mercland Website, need help choosing please!

    Hi All, Hope you are all keeping safe at this moment. I want to change the Mercland website for a number of reasons. Mainly SEO which is above my head but my current supplier isnt doing me justice in this department. Anyway, im torn between two providers. Ill keep it simple, please could...
  5. jaymanek

    Another Turbo actuator related question!

    Definitely fit a complete turbo with actuator. Sounds like you need an o2 sensor too. The back pressure one is related to turbo.
  6. jaymanek

    VAT on used cars

    Sorry yes you are correct... but let’s assume all that spend was ex vat.... see what I mean? Hence it’s better for us to buy cars with as little work required as possible but that makes the job very difficult as most cars do require work before resale.
  7. jaymanek

    VAT on used cars

    oh don't get me started. if i buy a car for ,£1000. sell it for £2000 but spend £1500 on prep work, making a loss, I still have to pay Harry and Meghan £200. the vat is calculated on purchase price and sale price only.
  8. jaymanek

    Om651 - p2279

    Yes. It’s normally red. Just have a feel with your hand to see if you can find a split or if the hose is excessively softened
  9. jaymanek

    Om651 - p2279

    If that is split that’s certainly the first thing to change. Check other side also as that’s the more common one to split.
  10. jaymanek

    Om651 - p2279

    Really should do a smoke test before diving in. Could be a boost pipe split possibly but I’m sure that will give a different code. The intake manifold is not a hard job but quite fiddly. The broken stud would need extraction from the engine head which may be difficult if you’ve never done it. A...
  11. jaymanek

    Om651 - p2279

    It’s a tricky job. About 350 from memory. Shouldn’t happen again.. we use a better bolt so never seen it reoccur.
  12. jaymanek

    Om651 - p2279

    Just a bad design. Vibration causes the end of the bolt to snap off into the engine head. It’s always the same bolt too!
  13. jaymanek

    Om651 - p2279

    very likely intake manifold stud is broken. common issue. a smoke test will reveal. any good garage will have a smoke machine.
  14. jaymanek

    C123 230 ce Coupe

    sorry the pics are gone: My Yellow W123 gets a Remap!
  15. jaymanek

    Beware Autodoc

    To the op, are you sure it was faulty? Not a wiring issue as w124's suffer with wiring degradationion and the compressor loom is affected. Reason i ask is I've never once had an issue with nissens and we always use nissens whenever possible for all AC and cooling requirements.
  16. jaymanek

    Garage says engine has had it. W212 louder since gearbox work

    Change the gearbox mount. I change them on a daily basis. Exact symptoms you describe.
  17. jaymanek

    Flywheel 280e

    Have you tried mbspares in fyshwick? I'm not sure if it's specific to the 280 5 speed? If you send me the vin number i can lookup the mercedes part number. 5 speed 280's weren't that common so you may struggle.
  18. jaymanek

    Will it pass MOT?

  19. jaymanek

    Transmission fluid change

    Yes it has a drain plug and a filter. The oil is special ATF28-CVT. Best to buy it from Mercedes. You need the universal transmission dipstick to set the level too.
  20. jaymanek

    ATS Air Con recharge £37.99 via Groupon

    The thing is, the more the system is used, the longer it lasts without needing attention. In warmer climates, the system is used every day... so the essential lubricant keeps the seals nice and fresh. In the UK we turn the A/C on for 2-3 months of the year. Its better now that most cars have...
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