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    New indy Cornwall/Plymouth

    A new indy has recently set-up in Saltash, Cornwall (just over the Tamar Bridge), close to Plymouth. Is an ex-MB technician, 24 years experience, was AMG specialist. MercService (SW), based on an industrial estate just off the A38. Have used for a service and happy to recommend (no personal...
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    W169 A-class winter wheels / tyres

    Mercedes A-Class (W169) winter wheels and tyres. Genuine Mercedes steel wheels (part no. 1694000402) with Pirelli Snowcontrol Winter 190 M+S tyres, 185/65/15 88T MO. Two tyres 6mm tread, two tyres 5.5mm tread. Snowflake marked. Wheels are 6J x 15 H2, ET 44, 5-bolt fixing, 5x112, centre hole...
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    How do you open bonnet vertically

    I know that it is possible to open the bonnet of a C207 E-coupé to the second position, ie vertically, as I saw mine in the workshop with it open vertically. I've always been wary of trying it with these 'active' bonnets, or whatever they're called, however, having seen it done whilst being...
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    C63 - no drive

    W205 C63 (not my car) , recently no drive when 'drive' selected. Felt as if it was still in neutral, did it 3 times before eventually engaging drive. Has happened once before according to the owner. No doubt it will be taken to the dealer in due course, although the owner wasn't too...
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    latest version Comand satnav?

    I will shortly be booking my car in for service, and I want the satnav updated to the latest version under the free 3-year policy. The car has Comand online. Does anyone know, or know how to find out, what the latest version is, so that I can ensure it's been done. It was supposedly done...
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    Where is water deflector

    Reading through my handbook (E-class coupé) I noted that one of the service requirements is to clean the water deflector, I can't recall now whether it said the driver's field of view or the 'visible area'. Is this the 'deflector' on the edge of the windscreen, ie on the A post, or is it the...
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    Eurocarparts - good service

    I recently contacted Pat (Eurocarparts) via a PM on this forum regarding some parts for one of my cars (TVR, not MB). I had a prompt response, was advised they were non-stock items and quoted prices for 2 options. I subsequently made a follow-up phone enquiry on 23 June with their customer...
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    The handbooks now refer to the need to use a windscreen washer fluid that is compatible with plastic headlamp lenses (assuming car has headlamp washers). Obvioulsy the MB dealer supplied fluid is suitable, but what other brands specifically state suitable for plastic lenses? I haven't seen...
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    An unhappy customer

    I saw this thread elsewhere: Mercedes Technician - PistonHeads
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    CLS 350 Grand Edition engine

    I was talking to someone recently who had one of the original-style CLS Grand Editions. He quoted 272bhp, which seemed a lot to me but which would appear to be correct. I've tried some research but not had much joy; were these simply chipped versions of the original V6 diesel (Brabus has been...
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    New E class coupés

    Does anybody know when the new E-class coupés are likely to be in dealer showrooms? All I could ascertain from a salesman recently was that 'they aren't out yet', which I already knew and was why I'd asked the question in the first place :)
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    350 v6 petrol engine updates

    Does anybody know what changes were made, and when, to the e350 petrol engines (M272?) after about 2009/10? I note that my brochure(1211) now quotes 306bhp, 40 mpg (combined) and CO2 of 164, whereas the older cars seem to be about 272bhp, 32mpg and 200 odd CO2 (figures quoted are coupe ones)...
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    W169 A150 oil filter 0-rings

    I have just changed the oil on my 2008 A150 and the filter (Mahle) was supplied with 2 rubber O-rings, the large one for the outside of the canister , and a smaller one. The old filter only seems to have the one large O-ring on it. I cannot see where the new one would fit and it is too big to...
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