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    Vito Heated seats retro fit.

    Carbon element pads work well and are easy to fit, Mercedes pads are very expensive by comparison. I’ve fitted them to various cars over the years, most recently as a replacement for a failed original in the B Class. I used aftermarket connectors but you could source OEM ones if you’re...
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    Vito Heated seats retro fit.

    You just need the heated pads, sounds like everything else is there. About £15 a pair on eBay, a pair does seat base and backrest so you’ll need two pairs.
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    Windscreen jets dribbling

    Mine blocked again. Took the grommet out and cleaned it (lots of gunge) but the washers are still not great. New grommet on order from MB Newcastle, £4.65. Part number is A0019987301.
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    W203 c270cdi engine mounts diy

    Replace the gearbox mount at the same time, it’s cheap and easy to do.
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    Just bought my first MB

    Yes, return it and get one with brakes.
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    Kwik fit disaster

    Strange that that’s a bigger issue than fraudulently (in his view) charging for an oil and filter change. He’s obviously been angered by the experience but needs to step back and put it in perspective.
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    Charge air intercooler hose W212 eclass 220CDI AMG PACK

    Ask them for discount, they usually oblige.
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    Kwik fit disaster

    I’m struggling to understand what makes this incident qualify as a disaster. My reading of the initial post and the subsequent additional information is that there is disagreement over whether the oil and filter were changed and a lash-up repair came undone while in their possession, is that it...
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    Brake and pads

    It’s perhaps as well he asked so that we can hopefully dissuade him from doing anything that might have unfortunate consequences.
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    Brake and pads

    I get the feeling you don’t know what you’re doing ……
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    SLK rust.

    I suspect an 06 will be an R171 in which case the rear subframe requires close inspection. If the service history is all Mercedes Benz that would help should replacement be required.
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    clk500 2004 nsr window regulator cab

    I’ve done one on an SLK which may be similar. Got the cable from eBay, a Turkish seller IIRC. I found screwing the frame onto a bit of wood helped hold everything in place while I assembled it. Has lasted about five years now.
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    Battery Replacement

    The charging clips should be on the jump start posts under the bonnet, not on the battery posts therefore not in the way.
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    Newbie - Large repair bill as 1st time Mercedes customer

    Is this 6 month rule mirrored in Scottish law?
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    W246 B180 AMG Harsh Suspension

    We’ve got the same car more or less. The Avantgarde/standard suspension is the sport option with stiffer springs; I discovered this when sourcing a replacement for a broken one. There are other, presumably softer springs available but I don’t know if other items would also need to be replaced to...
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    Dpf how does that work then ??

    Reminds me of an American senator many years back objecting to issuing Spanish language bibles in schools, stating that they should only be issued in the original, English language form.
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    Nankang tyres- issue

    That’ll be MB dealerships then. I’ve seen new ones fitted to approved, used cars on the forecourt. I found it quite disappointing that they didn’t fit a premium brand. Having said that, VW are fitting Kumho as standard from new.
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    Becker Harman Satnav problems

    I got one of these for less than that from eBay but I find my phone to be a much better option.
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    R170 SLK spring perch

    Small update. Old perch cut out and new one welded in. Unfortunately the spring is broken and the spring seats have disintegrated so replacements are required. Also discovered that the prop shaft centre bearing support is shot as is the exhaust.
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    I probably should of known better

    There are many walks of life where it matters, the legal profession springs to mind. The (mainly) American misuse of double negatives must present some real challenges when seeking clarity. No problem with evolution but, as suggested above, this smacks of regression and, more importantly, it...
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