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    Can bad tyres cause a harsh ride?

    Just to throw a few more brands I could buy out there: Hankook Ventus Prime 2 K115 Toyo PROXES CF 1 Uniroyal RainExpert
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    Can bad tyres cause a harsh ride?

    Haha seriously I cant remember of the top of my head, I think they are low-mid range branded tyres :D Wish I could put Michelins on mine, cost about £230 a tyre at 235/60/16!! My options are kumno kh31 (£81) or Falken ze912(£103). Ultimately looking for the smoothest, quietest ride!
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    Can bad tyres cause a harsh ride?

    Everything on the w140 is stock, 16 rims and not lowered, run at 32psi all around. I have Goodyear NCT5's at the back which have been on there for a long while but the front has been changed a a year or two ago but then it sat for a while. Been a few mechanics they say theres nothing wrong...
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    Can bad tyres cause a harsh ride?

    Hey guys, when I bought my car it was probably sitting on a farm for a little while. I've gotten my suspension checked out and everything seems in check and replaced a few parts. I've still got a harsh ride, and recently done a wheel alignment. About 60g and 50g were put on the rear tyres...
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    Any W140 S class (91-99) specialists around?

    I'm really hoping its not the struts because $$$$! My system has already been flushed with new hydraulic oil, how else could you tell the struts have gone? For me it looks like either the new accumulators I got installed were installed incorrectly or somehow have broken, or its the struts. I...
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    Any W140 S class (91-99) specialists around?

    Thanks for the help guys. The problem is not clunking which I did have and was fixed by the self leveling valve. But it's more of the car not absorbing the road and me feeling all the bumps. My accumulators have been replaced but by someones who's not a specialist. Therefore im thinking he...
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    Any W140 S class (91-99) specialists around?

    Alot of things have been done so I'll try to break it down as much as possible. When I got the car had a low rear end and really bad clunking from bumps. First mechanic was clueless, replaced tandem pump and accumulators, cost $$$ and fixed nothing. Then went to mercedes specialist, he...
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    Any W140 S class (91-99) specialists around?

    Need someone who knows the self leveling system well, been mucked around by other mechanics and need someone who knows what their doing. As close to london as possible :D
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    Body kits for w140??

    It's a 1995 S500. I also found this, not sure if they ship to UK though:
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    Body kits for w140??

    Hey thanks for all the help guys, I actually do like the WALD one. Looks like is where i have to search :D If theres anywhere else anyone knows, ill be grateful! :D
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    Body kits for w140??

    Bought a S500 not too long ago and looking around for body kits but cant find any! I see a international seller on ebay but dont like the look of that VIP one. Anyone seen any? :D
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    w140 S320 as a daily driver

    These things are really build to last, many go to 200k miles but just need to keep it well maintained, regular servicing and it should do you proud! I myself own a W140 S500, uneconomical in the city, much better on the motorway. But its just my weekend/long journey car. S320 should be better...
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    How many 560SEC AMG left?

    Does anyone know how many of these were made, and how many remain? Its the most beautiful car ive ever seen! :D
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    My 560SEC - Pics

    Wow beautiful, a very clean looking example.
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    SLK63 AMG - Spy Shots

    What a beaut! :o
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    Rather special W111

    Its my birthday soon :thumb:
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    Back from 1500 miles drive to Scotland:)

    Wow stunning views, would love to go on a road trip once my merc is ready! Looks like you had great fun :D
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    New member with £650 W140!

    Wow love the condition of the interior! Wish I had as little problems as you with my w140, do all of your seat adjustments work? More pictures please :D
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    dropped in to say hi..

    Welcome, very clean looking car!
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