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  1. HB

    Finally found the patience to do 'it' properly :)

    Very nice dude
  2. HB

    My C63S Brabus 600 has arrived

    Brilliant, just brilliant. Well done
  3. HB

    V6 Diesel software update recall

    Dennis, have you had the airbag recall ? I got a separate letter for both.
  4. HB

    V6 Diesel software update recall

    So I have the exact same car as you. The dealer is doing the airbag recall only. They asked me upfront if I wanted the diesel software upgrade which I declined after listening to people here and also to my Indy who has seen a few cars being adversely affected. My car runs absolutely perfectly...
  5. HB

    Do dealerships give gifts?

    That’s strange, usually the other way round …
  6. HB

    Hello from a newbie in Rochdale.

    Hello GT and welcome. I was born in Rochdale so I’ll translate here for you 😂😂😂. What age of car are you looking at ? I’ve had the previous S211 estate (Eclass) and it was absolutely brilliant. If you need similar/bigger space to the Mondeo, go Eclass.
  7. HB

    S-class with confused identify - too many badges?

    A trip to Turkey or Eastern Europe will show you many cars that look like this. It’s still not as bad as black alloy wheels…..
  8. HB

    Brake pads and disc genuine or brembo

    Maybe the rear brakes are bigger on the 350 to compensate?
  9. HB

    Finally, my high school dream car.

    Oh wow. Makes a lot of modern cars just so boring looking including the latest E coupe.
  10. HB

    Brake pads and disc genuine or brembo

    Genuine for me. I believe the Brembos according to a well versed tech I know, are not the Brembos you find on a Porsche etc but in fact a part not dissimilar to a pagid/ate with a Brembo badge on it.
  11. HB

    Is this one of us?

    I cannot stand cyclists and ones with camera even more.
  12. HB

    Hyundai Looks like a Merc?

    I’ll take you to China, the copies you see of Mercs,Bms etc will screw your eyes up.
  13. HB

    E400d delay

    That will be a lovely car. Probably the best all round car in the world.
  14. HB

    E400d delay

    Absolutely correct. Salesman (who we’ve dealt with for 20 years) said keep your spec pretty basic or I guarantee it will spill into 2023. It sounds crazy but, he’s actually not joking around.
  15. HB

    E400d delay

    I enquired re a new SWB Sclass 400d recently and was told November 22. I can wait, not paying the 25% premium they’re currently fetching on the used lot. I’ll revisit it in March.
  16. HB

    Bobby Dazzler

    Right you imposter ! I’m sending double the qty of naked women to look for the real BD and they will also carry out a full physical mot on all his bits …..
  17. HB

    Bobby Dazzler

    Nice to see you. I was about to organise a bunch of naked women to come look for you.
  18. HB

    C205 C63 Replica (Don’t Hate)

    There are loads of really wealthy people I know with pretty standard cars parked outside. A lot of them are my neighbours who don’t really care about cars but will spend 20k on their lawn.
  19. HB

    Used car prices

    I’ve got a 2012 Golf 2.0 tdi supermarket/take away/ secret bird meeting car. It’s absolutely brilliant. It’s great to drive, plenty power, no rust and very reliable and cheap to run using all VW original parts.
  20. HB

    Mercedes-Benz EQE

    I wouldn’t buy an EV till I absolutely have to , 2030 onwards where I hope the network is there to support them fully. The current cars will be totally out of date by then and pretty worthless I think.
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