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    e320 cdi eu3 vs eu4

    I know this has been asked quite alot over the years, especially on mb forums, but I'm still unable to receive the answer that I'm looking for... Does anyone here know the exact differences between the Eu3 and Eu4 engines, for example the 2003 e320 cdi inline 6 eu3 and the 2004+ eu4 I know that...
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    Mercedes e320 cdi i6 map sensor

    Hey there guys, I have purchased 2 different map (boost) sensors for my e320 cdi 2004, 1 bosch and one mb one... since the bosch one was causing engine management light, unfortunately same issue with the mb one, which has the same part number as my old one... Any idea what's up? I guess it would...
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    Mercedes w211 weird issues

    Hey guys, I was hoping that someone could shed some light upon this, noticed some super weird issues recently, I'm guessing perhaps no one would have experienced such stuff, but yeah, The issues are related to the footbrake and the brake pedal, upon applying the footbrake, the front wipers go...
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    Chip Express Diesel Performance Chip Mercedes 320 CDI 204/224/235PS I6 & V6

    Chip Express Diesel Performance Chip for Mercedes Benz 320 CDI 204PS / 224PS / 235 PS, in full working order and good condition. Chip Express is a well known company who specialise in these tuning chips, they're known for a great reputation, don't mistake this for the other cheap, not so good...
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    Mercedes w211 starter motor

    Genuine starter motor for sale, removed from e320 cdi... May fit other diesel models too... pics have been attached, was looking for around £40... can be posted, or even collected if the buyer is local...
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    Mercedes w211 crankshaft position sensor

    Genuine crank sensor for sale, removed from e320 cdi... may fit other models too? pics have been attached, was looking for around £25... can be posted, or even collected if the buyer is local...
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    Mercedes w211 camshaft position sensor

    Genuine cam sensor for sale, removed from e320 cdi... may fit other models too? pics have been attached, was looking for around £20... can be posted, or even collected if the buyer is local...
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    e320 cdi brabus d6 (ii)

    Hello! I hope everyone is well and in good health, especially during this corona outburst... I know some of you had been following my journey, from the car not starting to some sbc / abs issues along the way, thankfully everything was pretty much sorted, tbh the exact reason for the car to...
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    e320 cdi

    Hello, I hope everyone is doing well... For everyone who's been following my journey, thankfully I've gotten everything solved with my car including a new SBC pump and the non start issue it was having a few months back... The only issue that remains, is the ABS light which it has had since...
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    Mercedes w211 sbc pump failure?

    Had the brake pipes replaced a few days ago, mechanic says they were very badly corroded... after replacing, the following 3 messages as shown above have appeared on the dash... Could it be time for a pump replacement or does the system need to be bled in a special way or something along those...
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    Mercedes w211 help needed

    Hey guys, I'm in need of some help, Well, this may sound stupid, but I topped up the transmission fluid on my e320 cdi, took it for a drive, left it for a while now the car just cranks, won't start, Any advice would be much appreciated since I have no clue in terms of what's gone on, and...
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    W211 Comand

    Hey, I wanted to update the firmware on my comand unit, I was advised to use this site: Daimler AG - Service & Parts net But unfortunately the links are dead, does anyone have any alternative link or even the CD? and what's the latest available firmware version for these units? Thanks!
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    e320 cdi brabus d6

    I recently bought an e320 cdi that was listed as Brabus, and also described as having a brabus chip, is there any way to confirm this? Just curious since in some YouTube videos I've seen chips on these cars that plug into the fuel rail, but it doesn't seem to be the same case here... Does the...
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    Mercedes w211

    I'm looking to buy a Mercedes w211, unfortunately it seems to have a rare case which I never witnessed before, the 'video' button on the comand unit is missing, (located next to the 'audio' button) I tried to search for a replacement but no luck, does anyone know if its possible to replace them...
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    Need VIN from reg please

    KP03WFJ please Many thanks!
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    Need VIN please

    Hi, the site I usually use for VIN is currently down, so could someone please give me the VIN from this registration? RJ53RAU Thanks!
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    Need VIN please

    Hello, Could someone please give me the VIN for this registration? HN57 EHF Thank you!
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    2008 e320 cdi V6 estate

    Hello, I'm looking at a 2008 e320 cdi v6 estate, it has all the options I'm looking out for except the electric tailgate. However, my previous 2004 estate had that option and I really liked it, I wanted to ask, does anyone have experience with these estate cars and know what the normal...
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    Need VIN

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    Need VIN

    FH54 UJW Thanks!
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