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    C220 (2018) AMG Line Premium - Weird key behaviour

    In my experience, key fob batteries usually give you some warning they they're about to fail: typically, it might take several attempts to lock the car. Yesterday, when I briefly parked up in the course of a journey, the display flashed up a message: "Replace key fob batteries". There had been...
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    Collision prevent assist - is this "AEB"?

    I can't for the life of me find a definitive answer to this. I'm about to buy a 2018 C220d AMG Line Premium. The spec includes "collision prevention assist" (not "collision prevention assist plus"). I know that when I put the car on my motor insurance policy I'll be asked if it has an...
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    C220 W205 Rear number plate change

    I need to change the registration plates on my 2015 C220. The front plate looks straightforward, but the rear plate is "captured" in a black plastic holder. There's no obvious way of removing the plate except by inserting a coin or a flat blade between the plate and the holder, then trying to...
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    C-Class 220 BlueTec Sport - NOX sensor replacement

    Just booked a service for my C-220 (W205) (June 2015) and the (approved repairer's) confirmation email advised that the work will include "Carry out SMPC760 - Update Engine Control Unit Software, Replace NOx Sensors". Inevitably, I've carried out some research on this (asking the dealer for...
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    C-Class (2015) W205 - Owner's manual

    Can anyone point me to a PDF version of the owner's manual? It's available as an app for iPhone and iPad but with dire reviews; and the interactive version on the M-B UK site is pretty hopeless. There is a PDF version for the US market on the M-B USA platform, but not on the UK website.
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    Replacement tyres for C-Class (2015) (W205) - Runflats?

    My five-year old C-Class has covered just 24,000 miles. The Contisport tyres are the original fitment and the tread on all four is comfortably above the legal minimum. However, they're showing signs of feathering on the outer edges and I'm planning to replace. Couple of questions: The...
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    Can you cancel malfunction warnings?

    This relates to a C220 Cdi (W205)( (2015). The car is currently displaying an "Auxiliary Battery Malfunction" warning, helpfully discussed in another recent thread. It has absolutely no impact on driveability (and the Eco Stop Start function has never worked properly anyway). So I'm planning...
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    C-Class 220 CDi (W205) (2015) - Auxiliary battery problem

    This question relates to the above C-Class, just under 4 years old, with only 23,000 miles on the clock. The "Auxiliary Battery Malfunction" warning flashed up on the instrument cluster a couple of days ago. Although the warning isn't critical - and the car is perfectly driveable - the warning...
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    C220 Bluetec Sport Premium (2015) - Rogue fuel filler flap

    Took delivery of this car a couple of days ago and filled up the tank today. It took ages to get the fuel filler flap to close. It seemed to shut, then just jumped back out again. Before I bought the car I read reviews (as you do), and one owner complained about the same thing; but I reckoned...
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    C220 Bluetec Sport Premium (2015) - DAB Annoyance

    I've just taken delivery of the above. While the tech is way, way above what I was used to on my old E-Class (W211), the DAB radio looks to be sub-par. One station that I can pick up with no problems in my other car (BMW 4-Series, 2015) and on my portable DAB is a "No signal" job in the C220...
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    E220 W211 (2008) Driveshaft replacement?

    I use M-B dealers to service my E220 (W211, 2008) to preserve the Mobilo cover, but if anything substantial needs done I give the work to an excellent local indie. When the car was being serviced today, the workshop reported a grease leak from the rear driveshaft CVJ. They thought it had been...
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    SL500 (R230) (2003) Heater problem

    It's only possible to get hot air through the system either by (a) using the demist button or (b) turning the temperature dials right up to the red dot. Any ideas as to what's causing the heater not to function properly otherwise?
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    SL500 (2003, R230): Copper brake pipes

    I'm having some work done by an M-B dealership and in the usual way they've carried out a 'visual health check'. The technician has commented: 'Copper pipes fitted to sbc'. The pipes were fitted last year year by a superb indie and as far as I know there's no reason why they shouldn't be...
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    SL500 (2003, R230): Alarming suspension noise

    My SL500 (R230) - the one with the nightmare ABC suspension - has suddenly developed an alarmingly loud, metallic scraping/grating noise from the rear end. First of all, I thought it must be an exhaust component adrift, but a (very limited) inspection of the underside revealed nothing loose...
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    Authorised dealers' standards

    I suspect that the vast majority of Club members use indies or are expert in carrying out their own servicing and repairs, so this topic may not have much traction... but I'd be interested in views about M-B authorised dealers' standards generally and what to do when seriously brassed off. In...
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    SL500 (R230, 2003): Correct coolant level?

    Could someone kindly tell me where to find the correct coolant level indicator on the above. I suspect I'm being dense, but the handbook is not at all helpful and there are no obvious 'Max'/'Min' marks that I can see on the tank.
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    E220 Cdi (W211) acceleration problem

    This problems relates to a 2009 E220Cdi (the model just before the model change that year) with 68,000 miles on the clock. A few months ago, after about 100 miles of country motoring, the car failed to accelerate although the engine produced increased revs. I was travelling at 50 mph at the...
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    SSL500 (2003 - R230) - Suspension sag at idle

    At the end of last year I suffered a series of dispiriting ABC problems with my 2003 SL 500 (R230): new strut, new tandem pump and finally a new connecting rod (following a total collapse of the os/front suspension). Today the car was idling in a traffic jam for about 5 minutes when the ns/f...
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    Dealing with horrific authorised repairer service

    Some of what follows has been discussed in a technical thread. This narrative brings the story up to date with a further development and asks the question: what do you do when an M-B authorised repairer turns out to be a nightmare and there's no easy alternative? The car in question is a 2003...
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    E220 CDI (W211,2009) Auto: Failing to change gear

    On Wednesday this week, after driving for around two hours, and traveling on the straight and level at around 55 mph my E220CDI (68,000) sounded as if it was straining to shift up a gear. I poked the throttle to see if I could force the change but that only produce a increase in revs,with the...
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