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    W164 ML impossible spec to find?

    I’m considering getting an W164, I like the look of them and really I’d like the facelift model so 2010 plus so you get Bluetooth, better music playing capability etc. Ideally I’d like to find a 350 CDI in black or grey which isn’t a huge hardship but here’s where it gets trickier, I’d like to...
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    W208 CLK Gearbox problem (Continued)

    I posted before about the gearbox being weird on my CLK230K, it would be like it was inbetween gears if you accelerated anything more than gently and then find a gear again, it also went into limp home mode once and displayed the EML. Got the codes read on STAR today and they were: P2001...
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    W208 230 Kompressor auto box issues

    I’ve just bought a CLK230K and everything seems ok with it, drove it back from collecting it and it drove perfectly, this afternoon I put my foot down a bit and it didn’t select another gear and felt like it went it to neutral, I pulled over selected neutral then drive and it was ok, it shifts...
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    Anyone had a GL320/350 or 420 cdi?

    Just wanted to know what they’re like in terms of reliability and drive really?, it would be used for towing and will get used off road now and then but nothing super extreme, as they have low range and adjustable suspension I’m guessing they’re fairly capable?. It would be replacing a 3.6 TDV8...
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    Mercedes SLK R170 fan blower temperamental

    The fan blower in my SLK seems to be very temperamental, it will work for a few seconds then cut out, start working again-usually after going over a bump in the road for example. It usually seems to carry on working for a while until it cuts out again, it’s worse when the car is cold, obviously...
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    R170 SLK interior condensation

    The R170 I’ve recently bought seems to have a bad case of water forming in the glass inside while parked overnight, the carpets in the car and the boot seem dry to me. Is this a common issue or anywhere specific to look with these or is it just a case of a knackered door/roof seal on an old...
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    Thinking of buying an old SLK 230K

    I’m looking for a cheap car just to get to and from work and quite like the idea of one of these, don’t need anything big so am fine with a 2 seater and didn’t mind the 230K engine in a CLK coupe I had years ago. Is there anything particular to look out for on them,apart from rust!.
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    Back in a product of Stuttgart

    Got bored of driving a tractor of a Landcruiser so decided to make the switch back to a nice smooth German car:D. I did try and upload a pic direct from my phone but it says image too large so will have to tinker around on the computer later. I picked up a very clean, well maintained 2004...
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    2012 onwards ML350 Bluetec

    Would be interested to hear from owners what they're like?, I was thinking about getting a slightly older GL but would rather have the later generation ML for not a lot more money. From what I've read they seem to have pretty positive reviews and are all Euro 6 so I shouldn't need to worry about...
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    Gl 420 cdi

    Anyone here owned one or got one?, I'd like to know what they're like to live with, are they reliable overall?, I'm getting seriously irritated with Land Rover reliability issues at the moment, was thinking about a Cayenne but don't want something that does 12 MPG again!!.
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    E300 TD hard to start when cold

    I've recently bought a cheap winter car and went for an old E300 TD with 226k on the clock, car was running fine but this week it has struggled to start when cold, now usually I'd think glow plugs straight away but it isn't displaying any warning light and when I've been cranking it, it doesn't...
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    Bmw m3 dct

    I've had the pleasure of a few hours in a friends one driving it and have to say what an awesome car!!, at first I was really unimpressed with its power thinking "is that it?" because compared to an AMG engine they have no power at the bottom of the rev range, it's a really peaky V8 but once you...
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    Thinking of jumping ship

    I've been giving serious thought to ditching the SL for a 2009/2010 Range Rover TDV8 now that the new model is out the older shape is becoming quite reasonable at around the £30k mark so could sell up and finance the rest. What are peoples opinions on the last of the older shape Range Rovers...
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    Clutch gone-replacement advice

    Ok, it's not on a Mercedes, it's an old Audi A3 1.8T, I've taken it in for a new clutch and their saying the flywheel is pretty knackered too, and it's a Dual Mass, on a petrol too!!, the cost of replacing both is as much as the car is worth, and to put it back together as is will cost me the...
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    Speed Limiter coming on early

    I was over in Germany this week so thought I would stretch the 55s legs a bit on an unrestricted bit of road, anyway the car felt fine but it wouldn't budge past 146 MPH, I thought the limit was 155, has anyone else had this happen?, or know what could cause it?, I think I want to get the...
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    R230 SL sticking in Park

    All of a sudden it is very hard to get out of Park, apparantly it's likely to be a small piece of plastic that has failed, does anyone know the best place to order a replacement for it?, or somewhere in the SE that could do this work?, I'm not taking it to MB and paying a fortune for the whole...
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    SL R230 boot seal replacement

    Can anyone recommend anyone to do this in the South East, or alternatively any tips for doing it yourself?, it seems like it ms the centre one under the roof that is at fault.
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    removing the limiter on SL55

    Is there any way to do this?, I'm not really after a remap as I don't want more power particularly just want the limiter taken off as I'm going to Germany soon and would like to see what it can do.
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    changing Discs and pads on SL 55 yourself

    Hi everyone, I'm going to be changing the rear discs and pads plus front pads on my car this weekend, I know the car has SBC brakes, is there any way to go about working on it as normal and turn off the SBC system while I change my brakes without needing STAR?.
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    SL55 stop car too low

    On my SL 55 I've had this message come up after the car is parked overnight in my drive way sometimes, this morning I noticed that the front of the car was sitting low compared to the rear, started it up and got this message. I pressed the raise button and it came straight up quickly as per...
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