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    Hello Anesh, welcome to the forum.
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    Dash cam suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming...
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    Dash cam suggestions

    DDPai Mini 2
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    Dash cam suggestions

    Hello, I have had a dash cam for about 10 years and had several over that period. Time is approaching for me to replace my DDPAI which in all honesty has disappointed, dowloading video has proved very difficult so I'm after suggestions for a replacement. I need it to be wifi enabled so that I...
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    w204 c63 7g tronic rough shifts/holding gears

    MSL is only 2 hours from you, you could do a lot worse than having Acid take a look.
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    With the jump leads used to get it started in view too.
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    Starter Issue on SLK200

    I'd be inclined to have a local MB specialist put it onto STAR and see what codes show up.
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    Oh dear!

    I'm surprised they stick with the Motorhub name considering what google reveals in a few seconds.
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    Major economy problem

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Find a good Independent specialist and have the codes read by STAR the Mercedes diagnostic tool. It should identify something.
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    You’ve been framed

    Presumably they started filming after having notified the police.
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    Genuine Mercedes W204 C320 alloy wheels A2044012702 A2044012802

    Selling a set of C320 alloy wheels and new tyres. Thanks. Genuine Mercedes W204 S204 C CLASS C320 alloy wheels A2044012702 A2044012802 | eBay
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    W209 Headlamp bulb monkey business

    4 will work.
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    2008 C320 CDI Questions

    I did 140,000 miles in mine. 38mpg over that time mixed A roads/motorway Avon ZV7 tyres I found very good and reasonable prices too. Until the vehicle had done 180,000 miles it was incredibly reliable but after that I started having problems, steering rack all suspension joints, major oil leak...
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    7 Speed box issue neutral to reverse

    mercedes w203 brake light switch
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    glc carplay

    Catalog would be a good starting point.
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    Brake pad advice

    Mercedes sells pads at very reasonable prices too.
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