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    Tesla Model 3

    Hi, I doubt many will remember me but I used to be on here about six years ago. I am in my second year of owning this Tesla having previously owned many Mercedes over 22 years. I'm happy to answer any questions about running a Tesla or an EV. Regards Greg
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    The Complete M276 Engine thread

    Following on from my Complete M271 and M272 engine threads here is “The complete M276” thread. The Mercedes-Benz M276 engine is a direct injected, V6 gasoline automotive piston engine. has a displacement of 3.5 liters (3499 cc) with a bore of 92.9 mm and stroke of 86 mm. Output is 302 hp (225...
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    You know that I usually pamper my car and many of you are familiar with it. Having just returned from another Scotland trip the car is pretty filthy despite an emergency jet wash and so I decided to cheat today and let Tom (my car valet man) do it for me. Subject to the rain holding off we'll...
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    Scotland trip again!

    On the way to Scotland again. Stunning mpg from a 3.5 :)
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    £11,000 for speeding

    Speeding driver David Pickup ordered to pay £11,000 - BBC News
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    Mclaren P1 and range

    [ McLaren range plus "target" for interactive app. £15 inc p and p
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    AMG 97 page book

    AMG range book. 97 pages covering C55, E63, S63, ML63 R63, CLK 63, CLS63, CL63 SLK 55, SL55, SL65, and G55. £15 inc p and p
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    Bentley Brochure

    Bentley range presented in hi gloss cards that fit in the sleeve. £10 inc p and p
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    Rolls Royce Brochure

    Gorgeous brouchure with pages and fold outs. Hard to get. £10 inc p and p
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    CL and S Class Interactive CD ROM

    This is a CD Rom that you run on your computer. Its take you on an interactive journey through the features and design of the CL and S Class. Very rare. £15 inc p and p
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    Mclaren SLR Brochure and Price list

    McLaren SLR Brochure and Price list in English £15 inc p and p
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    Brabus Bullit Brochure

    Brabus Bullit Brochure in English and German. Very rare. £15 inc P and P More very unusual brouchures to follow if any one interested in this one.
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    Retiring as Moderator

    Just in case any of you noticed my change of status, I thought I'd better explain that due to pressure of work and other commitments I have retired as a moderator for the time being. I hope to still be able to pop in here but I need a break from 24/7 reported posts and other moderating duties...
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    Brilliant Freebie!

    I have just discovered enhanced reality apps! McLaren offer free apps which you can download from Play or Apple and they enable you to create a virtual car on your desk. You can move it, remove the body, see features etc. The app I used was "McLaren P1" on Google Play. You need to print off a...
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    Autoglym Detail

    Well we had lovely weather today and so I couldn't resist the next phase of the ongoing project which is detailing my car! I mainly use Autoglym products which range from Excellent to very good. The products used were as per the photo. One of my favourite products is Extra Gloss...
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    Important Driving Licence Change

    You may or may not be aware that on the 8th June 2015 your Driving Licence Counterpart ceases to be valid. Instead you can prove your driving history by logging into a new database. The database will let you prove to a potential car hire company, employer, or insurer that your driving record is...
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    Thankyou Mercedes Benz and Poundland

    As you guys know I am absolutely chuffed to bits with my car. It meets my needs for a bit of performance, with long range comfort and even good mpg. My only gripe has been the low level squeaks and noises the car makes. I rang two MB dealers who both wanted £120 plus vat to look at what was...
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    Car Photo Shoot

    Well I bought my car with 3500 miles on it and I've doubled that to 7000 with a Scotland trip plus normal use. So I got some photos taken in Scotland to celebrate. (Lol. Any excuse!)
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    Scotland Trip

    Better stop for Petrol soon! 37 mpg from a 3.5 petrol :)
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    W204 Comand remote control

    A hopefully quick question. Can a comand rear entertainment remote control be used to set routes etc. in Comand from the rear seats?
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