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    MO tyres or not?

    my a35 needs 2 front tyres. My options are 2 new Pirelli’s on the front in MO spec 4 new tyres, Costco have bridgestone potenza’s on offer, but only in Audi spec ( same size ). Can I use these on an a35 and would they invalidate warranty? other options are 4 Michelin PS4s in MO Or Goodyear...
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    A35 issues

    So my a35 is on 12k and has a few issues, brake squeal in town driving. air con blows warm air. wheel centre caps corroding. booked in at Mercedes next week, they’ve refused to give me a courtesy as my car wasn’t purchased from them. Also said if the issues aren’t covered by warranty then...
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    New car issues

    Picked up my used a35 from Jct600 this weekend. It’s a 2019 car with 11,500 miles. When speaking to the sales person I was told the “cars mint”. As I live 5/6 hours away I took his word for it and placed a holding deposit followed by the balance in full a week a later. Initially I was meant to...
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    Hpi check from dealer?

    So just picked up my a35 premium from a Jct600 dealer. For the most part the cars fine, a few stone chips on the front and some curbing on one wheel.. they weren’t interested in rectifying this.. My main concern is, as with most dealers they’re helpful up until they have your money. Usually I...
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    Would u buy an a35 / cla35 without ambient.

    Seen a nice cla35 w low miles, nicer wheels and low miles for a fair price. Owner says it doesn’t have ambient lighting. It also has the smaller interior screen - would this be an issue come re sale? Can it be retro fitted? This is the car I’m looking at.. it seem to have the larger flat screen...
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    A35 discount

    Anyone bought an A35 recently and did they manage to get any discount? What should I be aiming for - is 10% achievable?
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    A45 / CLA 45 S build quality?

    Considering one of these but heard a few negative things re the build quality.. anyone own or driven one? Also how’s the ride with the switchable dampers?
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    S350d Saloon

    Has anyone driven or owned one? Seem great value for money and come well spec’d from factory? Any options I should look out for - do they come stock with air susp and ambient lightning? Any differences between the 2015 models and 2017?
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    S63 coupe

    Considering a 2014 S63 coupe. Few Q’s.. Is the upper dash trimmed in leather from factory or is it an option? Are there any specific problems the cars suffer from, how reliable are gearbox’s and engines? Any main options I should be looking out for? How costly are consumables such as tyres...
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    Used car residuals?

    Is the Coronavirus putting people off buying used cars, will the market crash? Opinions..
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    E63s 4 matic options

    Hi everyone. Picking up a 2017 E63s this week. Visually it has almost the perfect spec - black paint, black forged 20” wheels and performance seats. It’s missing a few options which I think may make it harder to sell in the future - 360 cam, HUD and pan roof.. would lack of these put anyone in...
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    2014 S63 Coupe

    Looking at getting one of these, few questions to owners etc.. Do they come with magic body control - camera scans road ahead and adjusts suspension and curve tilt control as standard in the 63 coupe? How comfortable is the suspension - noticeably better than older C63s? Any common faults to...
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    GLA45 - possible purchase.

    Could be collecting a gla45 this weekend. Anything i should look out for apart from the usual stuff? How’s the ride compared to the cla45/a45? Is reliability quite good? 235/40/20 seems to be the stock tyre size, could I fit wider 245/40/20 tyres without causing any handling issues? Cheers
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    W204 wheels / genuine MB

    After a set of stock 18” or 19” C63 wheels. Ideally in good condition with branded tyres. Located in Edinburgh so as close as possible for pickup preferred
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    E63S 4matic

    Been offered a 2017 E63S with buckets, premium pack and carbon interior for a good price ( seems to be cheapest on the market ). My question is how fast will these depreciate? The one I’m looking at is mid 60’s and it’s a car I’ve been looking at for a while - seems to tick all the boxes and...
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    4-matic E63 vs E63 S

    Seen a 17” e63 for sale ( non s ). Been on the lookout for an e63 s for a while now but none have came up for decent money. I know the S produces around 40hp more - around 605bhp and the non S produces around 565bhp. The biggest difference seems to be torque - around 80 lbs / ft more in the S...
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    Command online nav

    came across a facelift a45 with a high spec inc the front locking diff. Owner says it has command online media but when I done a spec check it only came up with audio 20 which I think is the stock media with garmin nav.. is there any way to confirm which media it has before I travel down to look...
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    Selling my car too cheap?

    W204 C63 saloon, Grey, 2011 / 61” December, 55,000, Quaife diff, MSL remap, Genuine 507 edition wheels, Secondary cat depletes. Just had 4 new tyres, 12 months MOT. Cars due an oil / filter service, small dent on passenger door. £23,750???
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    W204 vs W205 C63 AMG

    Currently have a C63 facelift saloon with quaife diff, remap and secondary cat delete - owned it for 3 years.. I’ve received a deposit on the car and as much as I don’t want to sell the car I think it’s time to move on to another car.. I was considering a G63 but with my budget would have to be...
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    Facelift C63 AMG Saloon - Quaife, MSL..

    Paladium silver facelift C63 AMG saloon. 53,000 miles FMBSH, 12 months MOT, no advisories, new tyres. Quaife locking diff, Eurocharged remap, Secondary cat delete, Genuine edition 507 wheels All the driving assistance packs inc - lane tracking, high beam assist, radar cruise, pre safe...
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