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    Wanted - CLS C218 19"Front Alloy Wheel A2184011602

    I'm after a wheel in this style, part number above. Must be straight, round and true, with no cracks or weld repairs wheel in this style. Part number in title: Thanks.
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    OM648 ocassional ‘misfire’at idle

    My 2003 E320cdi seems to be suffering from a slight misfire on ocassion when fully warmed up. It is most prominent when idling and it can be felt through the car body. It makes no difference if in park, drive reverse etc. No fault codes are logged when scanned with an Icarsoft MBII scanner...
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    New MOT experience - emissions on older cars with plated value

    i have a 2003 e320cdi that will be due an mot in September. I’ve read through the mot guidance (MOT Manuals Section 8 Nuisance) and basically since my car has a value for particulate emissions of 0.6m-1 on the vin plate it should be tested to that value, rather than 3.0m-1 if there was no...
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    Limp mode and p2002-000 fault code - W209 200 kompressor

    My wife’s 2003 w209.342 model clk 200k has gone into limp mode for the second time in the last couple of weeks. Both times no engine warning light has come on but fault code P2002-000 is recorded in the ecu. There are no faults recorded for the transmission. Everything returns to normal once...
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    W209/W203 Rear Track Rods/wheel alignment

    My wife's 53 plate CLK 200 failed its MOT a couple of weeks ago. I've ended up replacing all of the front control arms and ARB drop links - its not yet had a wheel alignment. The car was originally booked into the garage for an MOT and wheel alignment. The garage also told me the right rear...
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    W211 Rear Subframe Bushes

    I believe that my W211 rear subframe bushes are on the way out at approximately 180k miles. There are some banging/fluttering noises from the rear, particularly at slow speeds that I can't account for - bushes look good and I'm confident the exhaust is not hitting the body/subframe. Dampers...
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    SBC Part Numbers

    I own a 2003 W211.026 E320cdi, approximately 143k miles, currently fitted with the original SBC unit. I had the dreaded, but not unexpected 'Serivce Brake - Visit workshop' malfunction message pop up yesterday. Using my iCarsoft i980 I read two codes on the SBC unit: C249F - Service...
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    2003 W211 Indicator Stalk Issues

    Hi, I'm the owner of a 2003 E320cdi with approx 122k miles on the clock. I have an issue relating to the self-cancelling of the indicator stalk - basically it doesn't always cancel, or it will cause indication in the opposite direction. When steering there is also a clicking noise and...
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