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    W203 Tristar Bonnet Badge

    Left the car out all night last Wednesday. Thursday a.m.-Tristar missing! WTF-its a 55 plate C220 CDI Estate! Where do I get a new one,please? Thanks in advance
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    Comand Replacement Advice

    Hi Guys, I have a failed Comand Sat Nav/CD/Radio in my C220CDI Sport Estate 55 plate(W203). Any suggestions for a suitable replacement(Original NTG2 at £500 on ebay(new). Help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Comand Quandary.

    Hello All, I would appreciate some advice on problems with Comand Sat Nav/Radio/CD Unit. 1)Unit would not switch on a couple of months ago-garage returned car with unit working,having messed with fuse. 2)This week unit would not switch on,so I returned to same garage( who service my...
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