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    30 pin connector to Bluetooth connectivity?

    Can anyone recommend a 30 pin to Bluetooth module? That will fit and actually work in my w211 E-class? there is an aux Input but doesn’t seem to work or isn’t connected, but I’d prefer to be able to Bluetooth my phone to the module and play music through that instead of having it constantly...
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    63 Motorsports M156 Camshaft adjuster plate repair kit

    So after purchasing an e63 w211, the dreaded cam adjuster rattle has become apparent :rolleyes: not impressed only having it less than a week, pretty certain the car had been through a short heat cycle to disguise it but hey ho, so after reading the horror stories iv come across a company in...
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    w211 facelift aux port?

    Hi :) just a quick question. Does anyone know if the facelift w211's came with an aux port like a 3.5mm jack input for an iPod, phone etc? The car has COMMAND? not clued up on radios etc but it has sat nav etc Cheers
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    E55 or 63?

    I’ll finally be in the market for a w211 AMG over the next few months once I find one I like but I’m looking into some biased and unbiased opinions on each model. I personally like the 63 as it’s a sharper looking more modern car but Iv read about the pros and cons about each but none are coming...
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    w211 e55 buying guide

    Done the usual and used the search button but the link for the buying guide seem to no longer there? has it been removed or am i being a nonce :S thanks in advance
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    E55 AMG

    Looking for an E55 AMG w211 chassis, not mega high milers ie 150k but something with some decent history. Hit me with what you have and location. Willing to travel for the right car
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    Im a regular autoglym user and have been for few years but haven't ventured much outside there range tbh, tried a couple pf meguiars products, and the odd bottle of something from a show but mostly finding alot of these products seem to just smell nicer than anything else. any recommendations on...
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    hi :)

    Hi all im Mike from edinburgh, Iv toyed with the idea of a v8 for a few years and now i think is the time to get one so I'm on the lookout for an e55 amg, will travel for the right car also, any more info on them would also be appreciated from fellow members that own one
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