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    R230 SL Rear Height Sensor Access

    Hello, I am hoping to fit adjustable height links on an SL55 R230 this weekend. The adjustable links go in place of the fixed-length OEM links between the height sensors and the suspension - you adjust the length of the links to make the car sit a bit lower, I'm sure everyone has seen them...
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    SL 55 TOO LOUD!

    I just bought an SL55 after a year or so of enjoying a very nice SL500. I absolutely adore driving it, can't believe the power, still getting used to it, still tinkering with it, still cleaning it, still filling it with petrol. The only thing I DON'T like about it, and I can't believe I'm...
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    Hi from new SL55 member

    Hi, just a quick hello, I'm Danny. I've just bought an SL55 after a very happy year with my SL500 - I hope the SL55 will be as reliable, the 500 has been good as gold and I've enjoyed every mile. The SL55 is raring to go all the time but still has the same classy feel when you're driving...
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