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    Red Battery Light

    I seem to have an issue regarding the red warning light when trying to start the vehicle (2007 rclass). It will show the warning light and not start the vehicle however after a couple of tries it starts as normal. I have changed the battery as I thought this was the issue as it looked like the...
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    Centre Console Lid!

    Any ideas how to keep the lid closed on my R Class? (The one with the cigarette lighter) It drives me mad. When you try and close it it springs back open.. Thank you
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    R Class Battery charging

    good afternoon, I have just taken delivery of a 2007 R Class however the battery is completely dead and isn't responding from a jump start. So is it possible to charge the battery from the jump start points under the bonnet instead of having to remove the passenger seat? Thank you Danny
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    Valuation for a E220 Barge?

    Good afternoon, I am looking at getting a workhorse and have the opportunity to get hold of a 2002 E220 with only 42K miles on the clock, full history and one owner, The owner is not after a lot but want me to make him a offer. Whats your opinions as I don't want to offend?
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    Mercedes ML

    Looking for a facelift 2005-2008 ML, not to bothered about engine size. But prefer petrol. Ideally under 100K with full history. Please let me know if you have anything available, I am on a tight budget :thumb:
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    Hi Chaps. After a CLS for the wife after she has had her RX300 written off. Only have a budget off approx 6.5K, which i understand will be a early one. Ideally in black, all engines considered. But does need to be well looked after with service history. :thumb: Danny
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    removing a supporting wall

    After some advice please guys? I would like to remove a supporting wall (between lounge/dinning room). I am happy to do the work myself but would like advice regarding building regs/rsj calculations etc, is there a online service or does a structual enginner need to visit? Thank you...
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    Relaible Car

    After a reliable car for the mother, only have around 2.5K to spend. The only criteria is it has to have 4 doors and has been well looked after with no known faults. Thank you Dan
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    C-Class EIS

    The mother has just had her mrec on the star and they think the EIS is nackered :doh: no indicators, wipers, windows dont work etc... Are these repairable or can you use SH parts as I believe they need coding?
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    w203 no lights wipers etc..

    My mothers C-class has started to play up. Lights wipers etc no longer working, she has been adviced by a local garage its the indicator stalk. Does this sound feasable? Also would anybody be able to provide me the part number so I could try and source a second hand one? Regards
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    Roof Remedial work?

    Hi guys after some advice regarding a damp patch in my attic, I have had somebody round who recommends the following: Flashing to the chimney stack, front apron and the ridge tiles on side hip could do with re-pointing, he has quoted £350 including materials. Does this sound about right...
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    Share Saves

    Hi guys after some advice regarding sharesaves and capital gains tax. Is it possible to use your partners allowance or transfer them to the wife to avoid the capital gains tax? Thanks
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    Implied Contract Terms

    After some advice please guys. I currently work in an industry where 24 hour support is provided by me/my team, I have been doing this 24 hour support for 10 years plus however we have now been told that this cover will be moving to another team. So where do I stand regarding implied terms of...
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    Does this look like a good run around?

    2001 51 MERCEDES BENZ A160 CLASSIC 1.6 PETROL ** ONLY 58,000 MILES FROM NEW** | eBay opinions please looking for a cheap run around to do my 5 mile commute. Then buy a new V8 for weekend!
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    Sold the CL55, so whats next??

    Hi guys after some advice regarding what to purchase next as i sold my CL55 yesterday (it was starting to show its age). criteria: Only have approx 10-12K, need 4 doors so coupes are out. I like big engines so not fussed about MPG and want reliability, one consideration was a Cayenne :o
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    The Bridge?

    Did anybody watch this last week? itss the second one tonight at 9pm along the lines of the Killings... :) Very good
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    Mercedes 300 ce

    This looks nice MERCEDES 300 CE AMG WALD BRABUS LORINSER | eBay
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    Check engine oil warning

    My 2001 CL55 keeps flashing up "check engine oil" but when I check it it says perform at service interval. Is it common for the sensor to be faulty or should I add a ltr and see if it stops?
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    Disconnecting the Battery?

    My CL is sometimes stood for 2 weeks which is to long for the battery to keep charge. So is there any negative effect on the car if I disconnect the battery to save it from draining? I have thought of a solar charger but as the windows are tinted don't think this would help. Thanks in advance...
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    Central Locking

    Looks like the CL55 is playing up again :wallbash: for some reason the doors/boot will not open or lock without using the blade the alarm will disarm but will not open the doors. Also the lock function on the dash is not working either, does anybody have any ideas? does it look like the PSE...
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