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    Goodbye From Gemclean Detailing

    Hi Guys, Due to how busy we are, we have unfortunately missed the deadline for the sponsorship. I'll still be here for advice but will no longer be forum sponsor for the detailing section. Thank you so much for your support over the years. As well as entrusting us with your beautiful pride...
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    Crystal Serum in action

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone is well! Last week i popped to a clients house who had his DBS booked in for signature paint correction/CS advanced coating detail back in April. It hadnt been touched since as He was worried breathing on it after, let along cleaning it. The car was going back in the...
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    Gemclean Detailing | Cars & Coffee Meet | 22/11/14

    Hi Guys, Hope your well! All info found here: Kind Regards Michael
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    Gemclean Detailing | Cars & Coffee Meet | 22/11/14

    Hi Guys, As you may have noticed, I haven't had time over the last year to help with much advice etc, with only popping the odd mb detail up. I have however done quite a few mb members cars since January this year, but with the back log of images its still going to be sometime before I can...
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    Gemclean Detailing-MBCLUB member Palmball's Mercedes ML63 AMG

    Hi guys, have a quick 10 mins this early eve to get a small write up on Palmballs ML63 that came into me a while back. MBClub member Palmball did put up some of his own photos of the car after I finished it, which can be found here...
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    FOR SALE:Mercedes C63 AMG RevoSport seat backs-FOR SALOON

    I have for sale RevoZport Carbon fibre seat backs for the C63 AMG saloon. Brand new, no imperfections at all. £850.00 I can also paint correct the whole unit and crystal lacquer coat them if you want them super perfect and anti-marring protection. Kind Regards Michael
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    Gemclean Detailing-Very special car no.2

    So the La Ferrari was one of them and this is the next one. The one off Morgan SP-1. This was built and commissioned as a one off for my client and was unveiled at the prestigious Salon Prive' The car is undergoing aerodynamic testing and road approval as well as engine component finishing...
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    Gemclean Detailing-The All New 'La Ferrari' Detail!

    Hi Guys, Bit of a wait on this one, but finally I have 5 minutes to finally get it up! Grab a cuppa  Well here it is in all its glory upon arrival! The car was booked in for my full signature new car advanced CS TSP protection detail. First job was clean the wheels with bilberry...
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    Gemclean Detailing-st13phil Mercedes E63 Bi-Turbo-Final Photos

    Hi guys, Spent the last 3 days uploading photos and videos for the last 3 months of work. So finally got around to doing mb club member st13phil's final shots, as you guys never saw it finished. Well here its is in all its glory! Enjoy...
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    Penelope Pitstops C63 AMG Coupe-HD Video

    Hi Guys, Just going through my videos and came a cross the video of mb club members C63 AMG Coupe. Not sure if i actually put this video up in the end, as just found it. Either way this was an HD video walking around the car after a full fat Gtechniq TSP new car protection package detail on...
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    Gemclean Detailing-This weeks Gtechniq top up details for MBCLUB members

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone is well and enjoyed some of the good weather weve had over the summer (apart from the weather now:( I havn't been on here to make any posts as its been incredibly busy at the studio with getting cars prepped for summer and shows etc. But this week has actually been...
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    Gemclean Detailing: MBClub Member st13phil E63 BiTurbo Gtechniq Crystal Serum.

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone is well & been enjoying the glorious weather we’ve been having recently! Work is very busy as usual, so not much time to get threads up recently. But I thought I would put this one up as though I have completed quite a few Gtechniq Crystal Serum paint correction details...
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    Some photos from my trip to Le Mans 24 Hour

    Hi Guys, Just got back from Lemans with friends and what another epic Le Mans trip! While I was there, got asked to work on the Greaves Motorsport Caterham LMP2 race car: Even got a tweet from them, which I thought was nice! Unbelievable...
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    Le Mans 24 Hour

    Hi Guys, Anyone off to Le Mans next week! Weathers not looking to bad! Really looking forward to this year as while I'm there, I'll be applying Gtechniq CO Aero Coating to the Caterem & Nissan lmp2 race cars! :) Cheers Mike
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    GAD Website Release Competition:)

    Hi guys, I didn't want you guys to miss out. So just thought I would let you know I'm running a crazy Gtechniq detailing kit giveaway on my company Facebook page. The prize consist of: 1 x Gtechniq kit bag. 1 x Gtechniq Marino wash mitt. 1 x 70/30 super plush drying towel. 1 x tri...
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    EXCLUSIVE:Gemclean Automotive Detailing 2014 Website-Now LIVE!

    Hi guys, Shortly after the launch of my detailing/crystal serum application video. I am very excited and proud to lauch my 2014 website. We started piecing this site together around September last year. But due to work commitment was very hard to find the time to finalise and construct. But I...
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    EXCLUSIVE-Gemclean Detailing 2014 Official Trailer-Gtechniq Crystal Serum

    Hi Guys, As some of you may know, in the next 2 weeks I will be lauching my all new look website. Over the last 3 years my business has evolved greatly and I appriciate and its members have played a huge part in my business developement. Its been a great privelege to work on some...
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    Gemclean Detailing-All new Gtechniq Crystal Serum launch-Ferrari 360 Monster Detail

    Hi Guys, As you may or may not know, my website has been running for about 3.5 years now. Due to how busy work can be its very difficult to update it with recent vehicles and testimonials. Luckily 99% of clients who have work done by me follow my work on my company facebook account so it’s...
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    Gemclean Detailing-Aeromans Morgan 3W

    Hi Guys, During the major floodings we had down south, we had to move Aeromans vehicles out of there underground car park. When we moved the three wheeler it was apparent that an overflow pipe was dropping all over the 3w for quite sometime. Luckily the 3 wheeler was treated to the whole...
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    Gemclean Detailing-MBClub Member Richard Almeida's Mercedes SL55 AMG

    Hi Guys, I completed this detail a few months ago, but only have had time to get the thread up now. Richard has his SL paint corrected by me some time ago, but decided he wanted to switch down the gtechniq protection route. So the car was bought back to be blitz and protected in the very best...
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