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    E320 CDI - Turbo gone, options and advice welcome

    Hi all, I have had the displeasure of running a 2004 E320 CDI which has been cursed since I bought it for my wife several years ago. To cut a long story short I've thrown far more money at it than it deserves, to the point where I'm so committed to the thing I can't see it scrapped. I had a...
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    OM642 Engine - Slow cold starting

    Hi all. I've recently picked up a 2008 E320 CDI estate which has the OM642 engine. I've had a couple of these cars but with the OM648 engine. My car is well loved, one owner from new, FMBSH etc. I have STAR diagnostics and it's got no engine faults. However using a cheap bluetooth dongle...
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    TPMS - Where to source aftermarket?

    Hi all. I've got a 2003 SL55 which I'm replacing all the tyres on. The TPMS is fitted to the car but disabled as all sensors are either gone or dead. The OE part numbers are A0055422318 replaced by A0009055705. I'm not super concerned about TPMS but I'm not keen on spending £400+ just...
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    Help - swapped driver seat and no movement

    Hi all, I have two S211 estates. Both identical in terms of options. One is pending scrap due to a hydrolocked engine. I moved the driver seat from car to car without disconnecting the battery. Now the car wont recognise the seat. The SAM says it cant talk to the module. In checked the...
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    Looking for S211 e320 CDI (2008-2009)

    Hi all. My wife managed to hydrolock my s211 driving through a flood. As such Im on the lookout for another one but with the 3L v6 as I fancy an slight version upgrade. I know the platform well and can spanner on these cars myself but Id rather have an enthusiasts car rather than take luck at...
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    W211 E320 CDI - Occasional limp mode & pulsing power delivery

    Hi, I have a 2004 E320 CDI Estate. (OM648 engine). I gave it a gearbox and oil service about 4k ago and it's been running pretty well. I also fixed injector blow by on cylinder 1 which seems to be fine still. Recently it seems when it's just started up and generally warming up when at...
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    Parking sensor issue - cannot connect via MBCarsoft

    Hi - i have a 2004 s211 E class estate which does not have parktronic but does have rear parking sensors which look to me to be oem. They are rear only. They worked for a while but not when reverse is selected i just get a series of rapid warning beeps and then nothing. I cannot seem to...
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    Speaker upgrade options - 2004 W211

    Hi - Ive lost my rear passenger side speaker entirely and the front passenger side is now not sounding good either. I see ebay seems to have some chinese unbranded speakers available or a second hand speaker seems around £20. Im not an audiophile but i do want working speakers which dont...
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    Cracked Injector - repair or replace?

    I have spent the best part of a week fixing black death on my E320 CDI. I replaced the seal but it was still leaking after re-assembly. I did buy a bore face cutting tool but it seems that it does not reach the base of the injector. Ive ordered a more expensive laser set now which arrives...
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    What type of Bluetooth do I have?

    Hi, I have picked up a second S211 E320 (2004) which was intended to be a parts car for my wife identical car. However it seems to be actually way nicer than I was expecting so I'll be keeping it for myself! It has bluetooth from the factory it seems but I cannot for the life of me figure out...
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    Buying a Mercedes Benz Offset 16mm Engine Mount Wrench in the UK

    Hi all, I need to replace engine mounts on my E320 CDI. I see a special tool is recommended and I'd rather do things the easy way. I see a ton of suppliers in the US but none in the UK. Anyone know where I can get one? E.g. Mercedes Benz Offset 16mm Engine Mount Wrench | eBay
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    W211 Upper seat - passenger and driver side the same?

    Hi all, I need to replace my driver seat upper part as the bolster is very worn. I accidentally bid on a passenger seat in error and won on ebay. Does anyone know if the top part is the same part number? Many thanks! Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Gearbox overhaul needed - any expert recommendations

    Hi all. After driving my new to me 2004 e320 CDI its apparent there is some slippage of the torque converter and my gearbox will likely need an overhaul or replacement. I was going to replace the fluid and filter as preventative maintenance but i think that would be a waste. Im out west near...
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    Passenger seat will not recline - click from relay

    Hi all. I've bought my second Mercedes which is intended for family duty. Its a 2004 E320 CDI which needs some attention but Im happy to get my hands dirty. The passenger seat all buttons on the door card seem to work except the recline button. It just clicks which I assume is the relay...
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    E55 - Transmission tunnel heat

    Hi all, I've got a 2004 E55 AMG which I've owned for about one year now. I was driving long distance the other day and noticed after my son dropped something down the side of the passenger seat just how hot the transmission tunnel was on the passenger side. The drivers side was a normal...
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    Help - cannot open bumper!

    Hi all. I have not used my car for a few weeks and took it for a drive. I was greeted with a bonnet open warning. I opened the bonnet and checked the plug, cleaned with WD40 and still no luck. I then tried to remove the lock and in doing so I think the cable has dislodged on the side where the...
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    Drivers headrest temperamental

    Hi, the drivers head rest will only go up and down when the car is not running. When it's running only the passenger side will move. It's hardly a big problem but any reason for this or is it a fault? Car is a e55 AMG. Many thanks Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Thinking of upgrading to Android 6.0 head unit

    I'm thinking of upgrading my command 20 head unit to an Android head unit. I'd like the 'best' unit out there. I really want as little lag as possible and good bluetooth calling and audio streaming. I want it to look as OEM as possible right down to the buttons and illumination if possible...
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    Brake Caliper pins stuck - E55 AMG

    Hi, I've been trying to do the front brake disks and pads on my E55. I've done this job on many cars before but I've been beaten by the caliper pins. I've been hitting them with a drift but they seem corroded on the inside. I was hitting with a drift but the pin heads are starting to...
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    New Member - Tectite E55 AMG

    Hi, I'm new to the forum having just picked up my first Mercedes. I've bought a lovely 2004 Tectite grey E55 AMG. I was happy to buy a more common silver one as I love the sleeper look of these cars but I was sold on the colour when I saw it. I looked at a few but paid a bit over the odds...
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