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    ML350cdi – brief review.

    ML350cdi – brief review. By January this year my ML350cdi Sport (W164) had completed 37,000 miles and had reached 3 years old. I bought it at 18 months old, one private owner, 18k miles, approved used, from an MB dealer, with full MB service history. I also met the previous owner who had had...
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    Shame About the New A Class

    Shame About The New A Class Here are some quotes from the WhatCar review of the new A class. “SE and Sport cars come on 'Comfort' suspension, but there isn’t anything comfortable about the way they ride. Even on the standard 17-inch wheels, the A-Class crashes over bigger bumps, and shimmies...
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    Stick to seventy and save fuel

    What Car? research shows that doing 80mph uses up to 25% more fuel than doing 70mph. Pretty amazing. I will try to be good. I will try to be good. I will try .....
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    No Insurance For Phone Offenders

    No Insurance For Phone Offenders Car insurers are refusing to cover motorists caught using a mobile phone at the wheel – even first-time offenders. The AA conducted a survey of eight insurers and discovered that half wouldn’t even quote for a driver awarded three points for the CU80 offence...
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    E Class Wins Best Exec Car

    E Class Wins Best Exec Car AutoExpress claims its Driver Power survey of over 23,000 owners to be the biggest survey of UK car owners. They are asked to rate their cars for key factors such as reliability, comfort, performance, ride and handling, running costs, practicality and so on. This...
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    MOT To Be Much More Expensive.

    Auto Express has learned from the Department for Transport that it will be required under EU law to test electronic stability control systems (ESC – also called ESP) in any car in which it is fitted, regardless of the date of manufacture or whether the system was an optional extra. And the cost...
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    Winter Tyres Work -Some Proof

    Useful video showing the benefits of winter tyres: - Video: Winter tyres vs summer tyres - Autoblog UK
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    Mini Ice Age on the Way? Time to buy that ML500 it seems.
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    Sound poor on Sky Plus

    Friend of mine has Samsung 42 inch TV -current model- HD etc- and the Bose GSX 321 sound system. The sound from the radio in the Bose and from the CD player in the Bose is great but the sound from the TV is much weaker and not at all hi-fi sounding even when played through the Bose. Output is...
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    Help Please

    A friend with a car with an oil leak has parked on my drive and left oil stains. Anyone know, please, how to remove oil from a tarmac drive without harming the tarmac. Someone said petrol will dissolve the oil but soften the tarmac. True? Any better ways?
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    Mercedes Extended Warranty

    Mercedes Extended Warranty. It has long been possible to have a 1 year warranty on approved used cars and to extend that warranty for a fee. What many have not been clear about is whether you can extend the 3 year warranty on a new or nearly new car. Even some sales staff don't seem to know...
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    Handing Back Leased or PCP Agility Cars

    Returning Lease/PCP/Agility cars at end of lease. Members buying/leasing cars on Personal Contract plans like MB Agility or who contract hire or lease face the possibility of extra charges when returning the car : - EITHER for excess mileage above the agreed figure) (rates are usually in the...
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    Better Mercedes Warranties?

    Better Mercedes Warranties? How long will it be before Mercedes respond to the growing number of car-makers who are offering longer guarantees? Kia offered the 7 year warranty to set the cat amongst the pigeons. And it is transferable on sale of the car. Toyota followed recently with a 5...
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    Autocar Rates new E above new 5 Series

    Autocar Rates New E class Ahead of BMW 5 series. Autocar magazine has declared the E-Class Saloon the winner in a head to head road test with the new BMW 5 Series, taken on 3rd February 2010. “Never has the E-Class,” writes Autocar, “stood so proud of its class as this one does today.” The...
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    Drive in a New Five

    Drove the new 5 series at the weekend. Nice looking from most angles, Excellent shaping to seats and a well laid out and attractive interior. Drove the 3.0d which had masses of low down grunt - plenty enough to spin a wheel or two on the wet road we had. Gorgeously smooth 8 speed gearbox. And...
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    Toyota Problems Go from Bad to Worse

    Toyota owners in the United States have filed dozens of group lawsuits claiming that massive safety recalls have hammered the value of their cars in an action which could cost the company more than £2 billion...
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    Wow new hybrid E class

    PRESS RELEASE E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID A new level of efficiency – the first diesel hybrid from Mercedes-Benz • Efficient full hybrid allows purely electric driving • Driving pleasure and efficiency thanks to 150 kW diesel engine combined with 15 kW electric motor • Fuel consumption 4.1 litres per...
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    Insurance Premiums Rocket.

    If you have recently needed to renew your car insurance the chances are you've received a big shock. That's because new research shows average premiums have rocketed by just under 20% over the past year. That's almost seven times the current rate of inflation and the largest-ever annual...
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    Wherefore Art Thou Mercedes?

    Last night on a flight to New York I overheard Dr Z, the head honcho at Mercedes, having a moan to his wife after he’d had a few glasses of vino. “It’s just not fair, he said, first BMW bring out their Efficient Dynamics engines two years before we get Blue Efficiency going and offer buyers...
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    Prius Problems plus Toyota Sales Slump

    Car giant Toyota has been hit by more than 100 complaints in the US and Japan about brake problems with its flagship Prius hybrid, it has emerged, in a new blow as it grapples with massive global recalls. The Japanese company's sales have been battered in the US -- Toyota's biggest market --...
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