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  1. coupe deville

    Ecu smoked?

    Hi guys, covid lockdown non usage has taken its toll on the old coupe. While diagnosing a no starting issue which indicated a faulty crankshaft sensor i carelessly put the wrong probes in the wrong connections on the diagnostic port. Resulting in a permanent red led on pin 8 when testing it...
  2. coupe deville

    16" alloys for c124 sportline

    Been looking at the websites with offset calculators, current wheels 7J ET41, with summer tyres 205 60 15. I have chance to buy 16" 7J ET37, off a 2002 c class, part number A208 401 07 02, which I would fit with winter tyres, 205 55 16. will these fit, calculator shows wheels will be 4mm...
  3. coupe deville

    botego winter tyres

    Anybody ever heard of botego tyres, I've been looking to buy some used winter tyres and have seen these on a "ahem" BMW 3 series. Owner says he had them fitted when he lived in Germany. I have googled and found nothing.
  4. coupe deville

    300SLR recreation

    Interesting read about the original 300 SLR and Stirling Moss's exploits, this recreation is £260k Hofmann's - Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR - Recreation
  5. coupe deville

    Doncaster members, have you seen Gloria

    Video: Forgotten garage full of auto treasures - Yorkshire Post
  6. coupe deville

    Used car values quiz

    Guess the value of these cars, I got 10 out of 15 At the end is an option to have your own car valued ( yeh right ), I didn't bother with that. ;) Guess The Car Values Quiz
  7. coupe deville

    Computer spyware

    Just been on British Gas website to do gas and electricity meter readings. 5 minutes later had a phone call ( not BG, tape message ) informing me I am on the wrong tariff. WTF !!!!
  8. coupe deville

    Goodbye Astra, hello Octavia

    My company car, leased MY10 Astra estate1.7tdi ecoflex life aircon, has departed, and been replaced with an Octavia estate 1.6tdi SE. Oh no I'm a Skoda driver :wallbash: But wait, the seat is comfy and better shaped than the old car, the air con is powerful, 4 leccy windows instead of just 2...
  9. coupe deville

    Unimog, now that's a campervan

    Wouldn't get stuck in a field with this. Nene Overland 4x4 Land Rover Defender 110 new and used for sale
  10. coupe deville

    Halfords ggggrrrrrr

    We're going away for the weekend and snow is forcast, I'd rather go in the merc than the astra but the auto 124 is useless in snow. I don't use the merc enough in the winter to justify winter tyres and the astra is owned by Arnold Clarke and winter tyres are not part of the contract. So I decide...
  11. coupe deville

    29 mpg

    Just back from a jolly down the west country, 780 miles, 122 litres of unleaded used, 29 mpg :thumb:. Mostly motorway or dual carriageway, a light right foot 80 mph indicated, probably around 75 mph. Tried to read the road ahead and avoid hard braking, accelerating. Number of 124 coupes seen...
  12. coupe deville

    1964 220SE B coupe barn find

    going to be a lovely motor, interesting videos, one where the engine runs for the first time in 25 years Mercedes 220 SE B Coupe - Eclectic Cars - Classic Car Sales and Service
  13. coupe deville

    124 loom [again]

    sorry guys, been a lot wrote on the pesky loom recently so, altho my motor , - 104, is running well, warm up good, idle good etc, i thought i would give it a thorough inspection. I suspect a previous owner has replaced it as it looks as it should. All the connectors have been numbered in paint...
  14. coupe deville

    Member recommended in EVO mag

    Just reading EVO mag 150 page 62 quote "The legendary Tony at Wheels in Motion set the cars geometry up and it's even more precise and predictable now" EVO's grand challenge mx-5 track car
  15. coupe deville

    whats it like on the iow

    going to the iow tomorrow for 5 days. 500 miles round trip from up here in the frozen north. fuel cost could go in the combo van for zilch or in the coupe for £100. no contest :) will be setting off around 10.30 to pass silverstone around noon when all the gp traffic should be out of the way and...
  16. coupe deville

    ms office 2010 pro £8.95

    hi, i have the opportunity to download a licensed copy of ms office 2010 pro, thru the home user programme [ HUP ] re my employers. i have visited the link they provided and it is a download - £8.95 [ retails at £349 ] with an option of a back up dvd at £10.95. thing is i already have office...
  17. coupe deville

    New C class no front lamps

    Was overtaken this morning on the M1 by a new C class with a personel plate T*** *** . Saw him approaching in the rearview with no lights [vis was poor with rain and spray] Thought who's this muppet then when he passed me his rear lights were on, I thought he must have switched them on as he...
  18. coupe deville

    browser choice

    I turned the computer on this evening and was asked to make a browser choice :confused: i havnt asked for this and am happy with ie8 the choices are firefox, safari, opera, chrome ie8 plus some more which i have just seen is this legit or spyware or worse :dk:
  19. coupe deville

    E320 124 cab only 6900 miles £36950

    is it the best in the country IS IT BETTER THAN THE BOSS'S :dk:
  20. coupe deville

    polisher at Aldi [ any good ]

    will it leave swirl marks :confused: ALDI - Monday Special Buys 5th April 2010
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