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  1. ShaunB

    My new W212 E63 - ex Mercedes press car

    That's a really nice colour, what's its name please
  2. ShaunB

    Mercedes Extended Warranty

    Do you mean my local MB dealers warranty? I knew nothing about it until I made enquiries via another local car forum, on there many people said positive things about it. The local MB franchise owners also own other dealerships like Audi/VW Several folks on the local forum had successful...
  3. ShaunB

    Blue Tooth Thingy - A Foolish Mistake - Advice Needed

    Good to hear you got sorted John. Just use one button in the future 😂
  4. ShaunB

    Blue Tooth Thingy - A Foolish Mistake - Advice Needed

    Have a read of this and see if it helps.
  5. ShaunB

    Blue Tooth Thingy - A Foolish Mistake - Advice Needed

    Been a long time since I had my CLK55, but from memory, those side buttons you should only need to press one side. You just press the drivers side button and the lid unhooks to get you easy access and be able to look inside it easily. The passenger can do the same thing using their button. Have...
  6. ShaunB

    Blue Tooth Thingy - A Foolish Mistake - Advice Needed

    Your device is one of these If the top doesn't lock, then the buttons much be a little stuck, press them a few times to see if they free up
  7. ShaunB

    W212 key fob not unlocking.

    I have used these guys in the past, they charged a flat fee back then, but it was probably 10 years ago. You post the key to them via royal mail next day, they fix it and then send it back to you via royal main next day. In my case it was a the spare key that wasn't working, so wasn't urgent...
  8. ShaunB

    Mercedes Extended Warranty

    Check the terms, there is an awful lot of items not covered under the MB extended warranty. They used to have two tiers, but now its just one level of cover. I looked into the official MB extended warranty for my own E63, but decided against it. My local MB dealer offers their own extended...
  9. ShaunB

    Keyless entry - paranoid about theft

    Bit overkill that. Depending on the age of the car, just double press the lock button to disable the key transmission, or wrap the spare key in tin foil. Also depending on the age, the key may well deactivate itself when no movement is detected.
  10. ShaunB

    Mercedes Specialists NI?

    Did you get sorted?
  11. ShaunB

    2017 ish E63S Estate

    Try to find one with the performance exhaust and 360 camera. For me both are a must
  12. ShaunB

    Mercedes-AMG Calendar 2022

    Last year's had better pictures
  13. ShaunB

    2 Questions

    Similar. I paid for my first service, and took out a plan for 4 years.
  14. ShaunB

    Mr Know it all

    Thoughts - tell him to use plenty of lube and ram his putty up his ass?
  15. ShaunB

    New E53 delayed, spec reduced

    I bet you will absolute love it :thumb:
  16. ShaunB

    W213 E63 stone deflectors

    Hi I extended them ok, and the holes match up perfectly, but my problem is the actual arch lip itself, its not wide enough to allow me to attach it using the adhesive tape on the arch guards. There was another post on here where someone got some flexible arch guards fitted to a C63, these would...
  17. ShaunB

    New to me pre facelift C63S Coupe

  18. ShaunB

    New to me pre facelift C63S Coupe

    Was it easy to get the device installed OK then?
  19. ShaunB

    Park Assists Disabled on all new Mercedes help!

    My E63 has just had its 3rd year service completed. I have the active park assist, and remote parking pilot fully working still. I must admit though, I rarely use them. Remote parking is handy when getting the car out of a tight parking space, when some clown has parked too close to the...
  20. ShaunB

    Mpg c63

    Just buy another one surely?
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