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  1. zenman63

    Gle63s for sale

    Guys selling the Gle63s as it’s just not right for what I need. Car is mint and fully loaded with the Distronic and drivers pack, carbon interior pack and factory tow bar. 4 Michelin PS4 suv tyres, new drivers seat cover full dealers service history and just serviced. 2 owners. £49000 is what I...
  2. zenman63

    Gle63s alloy

    Finally got my front wheel repaired at Wheels Uk. Excellent job from these guys again, it had a slight buckle on the rear hoop but getting time to fix it for a day was a problem. I took the wheel to them in the Evoque and a new tyre, turn it round in a day, flawless job.
  3. zenman63


    Finally got the body sorted and bumpers to fit how they should, now it’s time to get the paint right. Front and rear bumpers are re painted. As the sun went down today you can see what needs doing, not much but some polish marks on the new paint. When it stops raining I will get the Makita out!
  4. zenman63

    Code 840 glass

    Hi guys Here’s one to think about. My Gle63s has clear glass all round and it’s bugging me, the supplying dealers had them tinted for me. I always questioned why you would do that when almost everything was tickled on options. I have been looking for rear glass for a while and just looked at my...
  5. zenman63

    Makita Polisher

    Just had a new polisher, the Makita 18V cordless DA, great tool. Using 3M ultra fine compound on a blue waffle gives amazing results on my dark blue and black trims.
  6. zenman63

    New tyres at Costco

    He is an odd one, l need new tyres on the Gle63s and want to fit Michelin PS4 suv. I call Costco only to be told they cannot fit them as there not MO?
  7. zenman63

    Door module plugs

    Any idea how I can find plug 8, it seems a common shape, just need a part number.
  8. zenman63

    Damaged seat at MB

    Car went to MB for some warranty work and on hand over left with this! Grubby and a good hole in the seat cover. £739 for a new one. Master tec lol.
  9. zenman63

    Amg GT GoPro brackets

    Hi all, if anyone needs a GoPro bracket for Amg gt I have them on my eBay. see link
  10. zenman63

    [SOLD] Gle Ml 166 tow hitch harness

    I have for sale at cost the pre 2016 tow hitch harness as it’s been ordered wrong New in package. This is for the factory deployed tow bar. £40
  11. zenman63


  12. zenman63

    GLE63s retro fit genuine tow hitch

    Hi, Just picked up my latest car, a nice GLE63s, I need a tow hitch and have one coming tomorrow from a 2018 crashed car complete with module. I have ordered the harness and switches etc and have star to help. Wiring in wis looks fairly straight forward but might need some help. question is has...
  13. zenman63

    [SOLD] SLK 250 for sale

    We are selling the wires SLK 250, nice condition, just done discs and pads all round, it has the nav module and neck scarf, heated sets. It white with black alloys. 55000 miles.
  14. zenman63

    SLK 250 02 sensor fault, current and stored

    Hi, The wires SLK 250 has the engine light on, I plugged in my star and its an 02 sensor current and stored, open circuit, it will not clear. Looks dealer only but found Bosch parts on eBay, dealers want £265 for it. Question is will it be the sensor or something showing up and fault the sensor?
  15. zenman63

    Gle63s rear seat entertainment??

    Hi, Looking at a car with rear seat entertainment, 2017 gle63s. Are there any updates that you can use with these to mirror the iphone ? Dated DVD only or can you see the nav screen on the front?
  16. zenman63

    ML63 166 wanted

    As above ML63 166 wanted. Black or white only. Must have vented seats and heated rears and posable performance pack. What about or coming up for sale?
  17. zenman63

    Ml63 166 8.4 screen retro fit

    Hi, Guys Just looking at another ML63 and considering the screens that seem to be fitted replacing the factory screen. There seems to be a few about, anyone done this? 8.4 looks like the size used and it almost looks like the later Gle screen but gives Apple Carplay and wifi...
  18. zenman63

    My sons car for sale after lock down.

    Hi, This car is for sale after the lock down.
  19. zenman63

    Reg to vin number

    Hi, can anyone pull up a data card with a reg? Car we are interested in but only have a reg, dealers closed with this lock down. Anyone able to help? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. zenman63

    SLK 250 head lights

    Hi, The wife now has a new used car, 2014 Slk 250. The lights are very poor, no xenon's and coming out my 911 with LED head lights its amazing they ever passed fit for purpose. Anyone fitted the latest LED bulbs available?
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