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    Power Steering & ERG valve

    Dear All I have to fix a couple of problems with my car. The Power Steering reservoir is leaking and the car is generally sluggish but does leave a smoke cloud when it decides to go. Looking at other posts it seems the ERG valve might be coked up and in need of a clean. The MAF got...
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    W210 Front Bumper required

    I'm in need of a front bumper. W210 E220CDI 2002 in brilliant silver with washer jets Many thanks Steve
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    Airport Lounge Heathrow T4

    After reading and posting in the recent thread about Airport Parking and Valet Parking I was wondering if anyone has a good solution to another flying problem? The wife and I are booked to go away for a few weeks in November. We are flying from Heathrow Terminal 4. A journey we have done many...
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    Mercedes Benz Nottingham poor

    I shall need some parts for my car sooner or later (later now it's passed the mot) But I see posts where people say try MB as some original parts are no too expencive. I filled out an online enquiry form on Monday including vin number etc. got a automated reply saying that they will get back...
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    W210 Wheel Alignment

    Just thought I would pass on some info. I was getting some wheel wobble at about 60-65mph Thinking the wheels just needed balancing I kept putting it off. After taking the front wheels off to gain access to the bumper I noticed that one tyre was badly worn on the inside edge. Both tyres had...
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    Bumper Repairs

    Hi All As the regular visitors will have probably seen I have been asking for help with regards to removing my front bumper. It is cracked due to an unfortunate coming together with a cat. This was a while ago and I have been looking for a replacement to just bolt on. I can't find one to...
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    E220CDI W210 2002 Front Bumper Removal

    Hi Folks Due to animal collision and the usual rust issues I will need to remove my bumper and wings in order to action the repairs. I could do with a step by step guide to removing the bumper to avoid any pitfalls. If anyone has the knowledge to guide me it would help a great deal. The...
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    Blown dashboard lamps

    Would a blown dashboard lamp trigger the light error message? I have noticed a lamp on the speedometer has gone. I am getting the lighting error but I can't seethat any other lights are out. Many thanks Steve
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    Can I squeeze it in?

    As some will have seen I need to repair or replace my front bumper. I have made an offer on one and a pair of wings. The million dollar question is Can you fit a bumper and a couple of wings in a W210 saloon and still have room for the driver and a Labrador? If I can't I will have to...
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    Magnatec on offer at Halfords

    Had an email from Halfords They have an offer on Magnatec @ £17.50 4Ltr Includes Castrol Magnatec 10W40 A3 B4 Oil 4 Litre. I know not everyones cup of tea, but there you go:)
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    Injector Puller needed

    Hi All Looks like my efforts to acquire an injector puller arn't working. Is there anyone on here in the Nottingham Derby area that can lend me one for next weekend? Many thanks Steve
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    Torx size

    Can anyone tell me the correct Torx bit to us on a injector bolt. I have tried a T40 and a T35. Both fit with a bit of a wobble but I know I can get a T45. If the T45 is a nice tight fit then I will get one. many thanks Steve
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    Ceramic Grease

    Hi All I need to do a resealing job on and injector. I will need a bit of Ceramic Grease but loathed to buy 50g for just the one job. Has anyone got any to spare? Many thanks Steve
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    Cat Vs Bumper

    Out driving early this morning a cat decided to see if it could cross the road quicker than my car could stop. Being a animal lover I tried to swerve to avoid it but unfortunatly it hit the front. At first I thought I had managed to get it between the wheels as I saw it run off after it had...
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    Buying an ML

    A mate of mine is looking for a 4x4 He has looked at a 53 plate ML. Knowing how much fun I have had with my W210 E220 he has asked me if there is anything he should ask, check or be worried about when buying an ML I would be grateful for any pointers people can give Cheers Steve
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    Failed Glowplug Removal

    Tried to remove my faulty Glowplug today and snapped it. Took plenty of time, soaked the plug in plus gas and even worked it back and forth to get it loose Failed snapped in half. I was left with a Glowplug top, thread and electrode inner. The other bit is stuck in the head. Now am I...
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    Waiting for parts!

    So far I have spent the day waiting for Yodle to deliver me some service items.:( I could have walked the dog? or Washed the car? I have changed the two sidelight bulbs for led's as they came in the post. Well with less than two hours of daylight left I might still wash the car. I have...
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    W210 Wheel Bearing adjustment

    Hi Folks My list of maintainence issues are growing. Good thing I have a few days to look at doing them. During the MOT test the garage advised that there was a bit of play in the wheel bearings. Was looking to do this when I change the discs & pads but noticed yesterday that while...
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    Small Claims Court (how to)

    Hi guys It looks like that I that I have been mis-sold something and the suggested way to resolve the problem is via the small claims court. I am lead to believe that it only costs £35 but without contacting a solicitor proper and commiting to take action I am unsure how to proceed. Can...
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    Glowplug Changing Tips

    I have the dreaded glowplug light lasting for about 1min after starting. It looks like I will have to get the tools out:eek: I have read a lot of horror stories of snapping the little buggers in the head. So what tips can people suggest? (I don't want to take it to a garage) Cheers Steve
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