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  1. toolman1954

    2003 E320 W211 CDI - lights all over the place

    Hi, with the light switch in the off position then there should be no lights on. If they are on, then either you have a defective switch, or someone has tampered with the wiring, or you have had some rodent chewing away at the wiring causing a short. Were the drains blocked with any...
  2. toolman1954

    obd2 scanner wont communicate

    Hi, I would begin by checking the fuse ....looks like a 55 or 58. link?? here is a fusebox guide ...... Mercedes-Benz ML-Class (W164) (2005-2011) Fuse Diagram • ECU location ...try below...
  3. toolman1954

    Happy Birthday, toolman1954

    Thanks very much for all your kind Birthday Wishes, it is very thoughtful of you. It is also my Collies 11th Birthday in a few days time, what a faithful and wonderful pal he has been over the last 9 years we have been together. Happy Birthday Jack...
  4. toolman1954

    Even more new jokes...

    Had a really lovely fathers day card and large bottle of malt whisky delivered today. Unfortunately when I opened the card it wasn't signed. The whiskey turned out to be a bottle of P*** Wonder how the B*****d found out my address. A Very Merry Christmas to one and...
  5. toolman1954

    Even more new jokes...

    A woman is having an affair during the day while her husband is at work. Her 9 year old son comes home unexpectedly, sees them and hides in the bedroom closet to watch. The woman's husband also comes home so she puts her lover in the closet not realizing that her son is hiding in there. The...
  6. toolman1954


    I have now sold my 2003 E320 , and unfortunately this item did not fit my 2006 E320, so I had to buy the genuine Mercedes UHI Bluetooth adapter, ( at mega bucks ! ) So, the Bluetooth adapter, which worked faultlessly and the instruction book is £150.00 Will be sent first class and signed for, or...
  7. toolman1954

    Wifi/phone on whilst asleep

    1. If your mobile is turned off, then how will you find it when you have lost it / forgotten where you last left it. Easily done when you get older ! 2. Left on all night as I like hearing the " ching ching " cash register sound during the night when I have sold something out of my Ebay...
  8. toolman1954

    Windscreen Wipers Motor Cover Panel

    Hi, Thanks very much for your prompt reply. Sadly the present cheapie used cover on Ebay, will not fit, I had already presumed that this was for the IL6, so no loss there. So now the search begins....Thanks again... Regards Steve.
  9. toolman1954

    Windscreen Wipers Motor Cover Panel

    Hello, I am looking for a part number please for the Windscreen Wiper Motor Cover, for my new to me E320 CDI Estate in Obsidian Black. The year of manufacture is Sept 2005, and first Reg on March 1st 2006 . The vin number for the beast is WDB2112222A865571 and it has the OM642 V6...
  10. toolman1954

    HELP! - New Engine - 1979 Mercedes 409 Here is the Wiki with the O309 Chassis Vans. In the petrol section you will see your van, an O309 (23B) / 409 ..115 /23, displacement 2307cc 66 Kw /4800 90 hp ( hence 409 ) Underneath that is the data for the 0309 (23B) / 410 which uses a M102...
  11. toolman1954

    HELP! - New Engine - 1979 Mercedes 409

    Hi, Take a look at t his thread from some time ago. You will note from the thread that I had a 409 many moons ago. This was about another member seeking an engine for his 409...
  12. toolman1954

    Cant connect my iPhone to my E280 - 2005.

    Hi, Does this model have a UHI phone connector in the arm rest?? if so you need similar to this ... If not, then someone else will be along with more advice. Regards Steve.
  13. toolman1954

    W211 2007 question

    Hi, I bought one of these a month ago for my new to me 06 320 CDi. Expensive but works a treat with my Samsung S8 and a Mercedes part to boot. Only 3 now left. I have already responded to your tow bar issue in another post. Regards Steve..
  14. toolman1954

    E320 2004 headlight bulb

    Hi, We need more information about your car. Have you put your Vin number into one of the on line readers and got your Data card info.? That will tell you much information abut your car including head lights type. Is it an Avantgarde model you have ? so as a rough guide, when you turn on...
  15. toolman1954

    Tow bar w211 estate

    Hi, I have just removed the tow bar off of my old 2003 E320, so I am familiar with the P.I.A.T. job that it is. Because my days of kneeling on the floor are gone, the first job was to get the back end up on ramps, aided and abetted by the fact that the car has Air Suspension, I was able...
  16. toolman1954

    W211 stubborn lower ball joint

    Exploding Ball Joints....... Some ( long ) time ago, I had to replace the front lower ball joint on my Sprinter 312, the ball joint is almost identical to the 211 one, bar the fact that it is fitted upside down and you have to remove it downwards. It is a right pig of a job, space is...
  17. toolman1954

    Central locking RF antenna issue. (I think)

    Hi, As you have replaced the aerial amp best now trace the wires to the rear SAM ( fuse box )using your trusty multimeter. According to my old thread it was the red/ white wire from the amp to the fuse box that was the culprit. Many electrical problems can be caused by water ingress or...
  18. toolman1954

    Central locking RF antenna issue. (I think)

    Hi. Some long time ago I had a similar problem with the central locking on my old E320 cdi wagon. It is documented on here in a past post, so I will not bore you with the details. However the cause of the problem was not the aerial amp but turned out to be a broken wire between the aerial...
  19. toolman1954

    Engine rebuild

    Hi, Have you gotton a quote from Knights yet, seems getting it recovered to SMS and getting them to inspect it may be a lot cheaper than leaving it where it is. Once inspected you can plan your next move. Steve.
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