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    Power Steering & ERG valve

    Dear All I have to fix a couple of problems with my car. The Power Steering reservoir is leaking and the car is generally sluggish but does leave a smoke cloud when it decides to go. Looking at other posts it seems the ERG valve might be coked up and in need of a clean. The MAF got...
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    Tell me about….pop up gazebos

    Though I would chip in with some info but not on the folding type. Ikea do a gazebo called Karlso for £85 Had mine out in the garden under all weathers and it lasted well. The only thing that killed it was the last snowfall I was away from home and the 2' we had caved the roof in Previously I...
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    Paint Advice

    Didn't polycel do something like that to cover cracked walls?
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    Rolf Harris

    Can you guess what it is yet?
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    (yet another) Mobile Phone Thread

    My old 3gs got recycled to her indoors. I had it for over 3 years and was a good phone. It lasted less than a month before she dropped it and broke the screen. That's fixed but it was getting slower and slower plus the battery wouldn't last the day. Ive recently updated her with a 4s as...
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    W210 e220 intake air temp wiring

    No still running unplugged. Can't find time to reinstall the carsoft on the laptop
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    Kings Cross to Heathrow T3 travel advice needed.

    The car is looking better and better. We had notification that Air India will be flying from BHX from August so that will save a lot of time and money. But as airlines go they are pants. But there you go. Thank you for keeping us updated and sorry for your trouble Steve
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    W210 e220 intake air temp wiring

    Maybe but I doubt it. There may be other sensors down. I have a carsoft analyser and I just need to load the software up and hopefully it will point the way. May even be a blocked tank breather but I'm unsure how to change that Cheers Steve
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    W210 e220 intake air temp wiring

    Yep gave it a waggle in some white spirit Ta
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    W210 e220 intake air temp wiring

    Fixed the wiring Car now runs rough I only changed the MAF last month so it's not that So I've unplugged the temp sensor till I find the fault
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    For those of you with an interest in India and history

    Thanks for the info I shall see if it's on iplayer. Been going to Goa for the last 15 years Still not bored with the same place. If fact increasingly frustrated that we don't see more of the country. I keep meaning to drive whilst there other than a scooter but as the rules of the road are...
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    Alloy Wheels Tyres Deflating

    I had a problem with a couple of wheels last year. Simply got my friendly tyre fitter to remove the tyre apply some bead sealant then refit the tyre. All sorted. Can go weeks before they need air.
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    W210 e220 intake air temp wiring

    No can't quite figure out which way. When you've fitted yours, er can you take a picture? Ta
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    W210 e220 intake air temp wiring

    Mmmmmm Perhaps it's right I'm averaging 42mpg on the 12mile daily commute. So it ain't bad but I've known better To think if you had never asked I would have never have found it Cheers
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    W210 e220 intake air temp wiring

    My car has been running a bit rough with erratic idling so perhaps this is the culprit?
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    W210 e220 intake air temp wiring

    Just re-read your post. It looks like we can both help each other on this. All I need to do is figure out how to fix mine as the wires have broken at the plug. It looks line they actually run along a washer pipe
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    W210 e220 intake air temp wiring

    I would look to check which way round they are but mine have broken off. Bet this is why your asking I can only thank you. What's busted? Brown&white Green&white But which way I dunno????
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    W210 e220 intake air temp wiring

    A wider angle
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    W210 e220 intake air temp wiring

    Not sure if this is the bit without taking the engine cover off But the plug has a brown wire and a green and red wire
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    W210 e220 intake air temp wiring

    Mine is a 2002 reg Can go look see if you give me more info
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