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  1. benGTR

    AMG GTR Pro help re Coilover suspension

    One on track.. one after the ABS sensor fell out.. ha
  2. benGTR

    AMG GTR Pro help re Coilover suspension

    I have the button (2 stage) like PASM however, unless on track the ‘no lights’ setting is just about capable of managing crummy roads. Youtubers were reporting the Pro had a slightly more rounded ride on the softer settings (I think to do the front, you’ll need to take a wheel off)
  3. benGTR

    AMG GTR Pro help re Coilover suspension

    Thanks for the write up, sounds like you’re going to love it when it’s up to speed. looks awesome in those pics, very Black Series. Congrats!
  4. benGTR

    AMG GTR Pro help re Coilover suspension

    Seems odd as without the click/notch, you’d not be able to accurately set them equally. Hopefully the dealer will sort/demo
  5. benGTR

    AMG GTR Pro help re Coilover suspension

    Off topic but what did you come from? Have you had a GTR before? If so, how does it feel compared to the previous
  6. benGTR

    AMG GTR Pro help re Coilover suspension

    Can you feel the dial noticing as you turn it (without any audible clicks) I have a standard GTR so my dampers are none adjustable. I had adjustable on a previous car and they notched but didn’t make a click like old school KW’s
  7. benGTR

    GTR bucket seats

    Black series - even better. Wonder if you can ommit the green? I think it will clash with Green Hell. I’ve just seen the the s150 video. Guessing he’s not done it yet?
  8. benGTR

    GTR bucket seats

    Hey - I have a 2019 GTR. I got it with the AMG Performance seats for comfort and the electric adjustment. The more I see the bucket seat cars the more I’m now thinking that would be a nice upgrade. I’m not really using the car much so I can live with a fixed back bucket. I’d keep the old seats...
  9. benGTR

    Do LSD make any difference on a road car ?

    If you just commute - no If you like to nip off the local hills at the weekend - yes I’d spec an LSD over the equivalently priced carbon fibre dash inserts on any new car
  10. benGTR

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Started it up to annoy my wife. But, later I need to clean it and remove lots of welded on rubber from the rims
  11. benGTR

    Mercedes Nottingham - to wash or not to wash?

    IMO - it’s never worth the risk
  12. benGTR

    C63 Detail

    I’ve only ever seen one other Green GTR on the road. Lots of black and Magno grey ones about.
  13. benGTR


    Thanks, the colour made me choose it. The drive makes me want to keep it
  14. benGTR

    2013 W204 C63 Juddering When Cold

    It was MAF from memory (this was 8 years ago LOL)
  15. benGTR


    Yes, they're great cars. I'm really enjoying it. Doesn't quite have the precision of the Porsche GT products on track but it sounds great and it gets good feedback. I need to do some miles in it really
  16. benGTR


    Thanks :)
  17. benGTR


    Few pics of my GTR I had a new c63 in 2013 and moved through various Porsches and a 488 before returning to AMG in October. Did Donnington last week with LOT (great forum and organisation of track days) I've recently fit the AMG GTR Pro brake cooling upgrade. For the member who wanted the...
  18. benGTR

    Undecided on what to do with my C63

    New member post... Hi, I've recently bought an AMG C63 and... LOL
  19. benGTR

    New (old previous) member

    Hi - I was on here years ago but I cant remember my password and I dont have access to my old mailbox. Anyhow, sold my w204 C63, had years in Porsches and now I'm a Magno Green Hell AMG GTR
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